What is the price of a free e-learning platform?

What is the price of a free e-learning platform?

18/Mai | by: Marcelo Souza Campos


You can pay a very expensive price if you do not know how to choose the ODL platform well. Having your content leaked for example can cost your business!



When we talk in general about a market is a very delicate subject that many times we repress and stop talking about. This subject should be addressed not only, but prioritized by Online Educators....

16/Mai | by: Marcelo Souza Campos

Classroom courses with distance learning platforms support

29/Set | by: Marcelo Souza Campos


Why presential teaching institutions are using virtual platforms?



In recent articles we talked a lot about the trends of distance education and on teaching regarding classroom mode. The evolution of teaching is well renowned and with technological advances and information means the trend is growing increasingly.


A few years classroom teaching...