Classroom courses with distance learning platforms support

Classroom courses with distance learning platforms support


Why presential teaching institutions are using virtual platforms?



In recent articles we talked a lot about the trends of distance education and on teaching regarding classroom mode. The evolution of teaching is well renowned and with technological advances and information means the trend is growing increasingly.


A few years classroom teaching companies both vocational, technical and even higher is implementing new ways to get to interact more with the student and have an ever better quality of education.


Today we will not directly broach the ODL directly, but a trend that is already happening as the Flipped Classroom we talked about in an article a few weeks.


Flipped Classroom is a teaching method where students have contact to the material and content of the class thus creating a reversal, but how this happens? As a classroom teaching institution do that?


Classroom courses with distance learning platforms support


Well, it is precisely these questions and its justifications that made me the need to create an article talking about.


It is increasingly common for classroom teaching companies use ODL platforms. It is something that may seem contradictory, but it is actually a very effective and interesting union for the development of a course.


In the middle of 2012 when he was attending technician in Accounting and Finance, a fully classroom course was beginning to implement this type of modality. But still in the testing phase and occurred many mistakes where hitherto not resolved, I believe that today this criterion is already well advanced and working perfectly well.


Already in higher education, it is hard to think of a college that does not use a virtual learning area and makes content updates there, but this type of degree is not in our interest now.


An Learning platform in an educational institution can, not only improve their quality of teaching and can also improve other sectors such as services, finance and even marketing their institution.


But this occurs in a safe, stable and smoothly the institution needs to invest in a complete education platform that can deliver the maximum possible data for the institution.


In this case I put in review these points with the Nochalks which is an educational platform designed to thoroughly cover and meet as much as possible to your institution.


Well, let's look at a few points in this members  area need to meet your institution that seeks to create a virtual environment for their courses offered in person.


Classroom courses with distance learning platforms support


Area presentation and placement of content;


Well, this feature is basic, for in an online course platform needs an area where it will be placed its contents. At this point it is interesting to use support files such as PDFs and even educational games to complement classes.


It can be created either pre-class content as post lessons covering the topics that will be addressed in the classroom and even building exercises where the teacher himself can assess the student and in case of closed questions automate the correction of exercise for your student.


Classroom courses with distance learning platforms support


Discussion area and forums;


A Members area that the freedom to his students discuss the topics covered in classes either in person or can of past content virtually be a unique interaction opportunity.


A student would not be limited to discuss and answer your questions only in a classroom and rooms where there are students from different cities would be a chance to interact the room and have an information sharing network.


The coolest feature offered by this NoChalks is that the teacher can interact also with the students and this forum can be moderated, that is the institution can control the messages sent by their students.


Classroom courses with distance learning platforms support


Service channels;


In addition to help you with integration with classes, a teaching platform with the media with the student is a tool that can help you and with the administrative area of your institution.


In the case of platforms such as NoChalks 2.0 offering forms of assistance via chat and ticket where you can solve any problem or give any guidance to his student a simple and quick way.


Classroom courses with distance learning platforms support


Integration of payments;


Your student is your customer and it requires payment security, and the platform had integrated gateways with the safest in the world payment systems as Hotmart, paypal and PagSeguro?


In addition to getting new payment means giving up the possibility of installment payment for your students you can also get financial reports within the administrative platform.




Well, this is a question that may never leave the Schedule if your interest is to work with digital content, because you just want to authorized individuals access to their content and that it is not available for free is not it?


Therefore a platform should offer security features and also meet the promised security. Be against downloads, login sharing and even against screencast.


Access reports and surveys;


A well-designed access report helps to better understand the consumption of your public and so will you get to work your more targeted marketing to your audience, it is precisely for this reason that NoChalks created an access report for you measure better your public.


If there is something you need to know to further improve its communication and understanding with your customers, you can also use the system of polls and thus get all the information necessary for the growth of your organization and improve its content.


Opening a new market;


Let's look at your institution, you have an educational company which already has several ready courses, teachers, textbooks and teaching materials. Creating a virtual system to your students you will also have a complete learning platform, why not begin offering fully ODL courses?


In addition to improving the quality of their courses, improve their interaction with their students and to offer something more for your student, you can earn a new market too!


The only thing that would be missing to complete their work and join once the ODL market would record the lessons and adapts them for this niche. At this point I can say that his institution has everything you need to make such a project.


Classroom courses with distance learning platforms support


At this point is more than remarkable that an Online Platform can help you and improve your business in all aspects. In opportunities vestments it is very evident that it is a very positive investment for your institution.


The NoChalks is a company that aims to help you succeed in your business. Being a responsible company and working seriously looking always bring news to you and be able to show as much as possible the world of Education and Teaching.


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