Cut corporate training costs by using a distance education platform

Cut corporate training costs by using a distance education platform

Training your employees is something super important, both to improve their qualities as professionals, and to increase their efficiency in the workplace. But often, this training process is expensive and laborious because it demands an entire logistics, and often the presence of a professional on the spot.

But with the advancement of technology, it is not so. There are now ODL platforms, such as Nochalks that help you lower costs and time spent with face-to-face training. In this video we explain how Nochalks works, and how to use it to lower the costs and time spent on training your employees.


If you prefer, we also have below the transcription of the video.

How much do you spend to train your employees?

Today the demand for qualified professionals is high and for this, corporate training is indispensable. And how does your company conduct these trainings?

Most of the time, the content is passed in conventions or face-to-face group training. But did you know that an ODL platform can help reduce time and costs also in the corporate environment?

But where to start?

The first step is to produce the content of the training, then store the material inside an ODL platform with tools that meet the need of your company, which is reliable and safe, after all, we do not want the content to fall into the hands of competitors or be pirated .

And that's why I want to introduce you: NoChalks, the safest ODLplatform in the world. With a customized environment for your business, it provides process optimization with more autonomy for employees to access training at any time and from any device, all under their control and monitoring.

With exclusive resources to guarantee the quality and effectiveness in the training, possibility to carry out evaluations and exercises and more interactivity during the trainings.

The possibilities are many! Communication, management, strategic planning, sales and more!

More than training, get full reports on employee use and progress. Generate more revenue, cut costs, optimize time and increase productivity!

Go ahead and find out how to revolutionize your corporate training!

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04/Mar | by: Luis Henrique

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