Online corporate training: learn about unique advantages of this sport

Online corporate training: learn about unique advantages of this sport


Often, after hiring, the employee already begins to perform their duties. In some companies a little training is given, perhaps by those who are already in the sector he will integrate. And even though the resume and profile may seem appropriate, the new employee may not live up to expectations even if previous experiences have been brilliant.

This happens most often due to lack of proper training. Each company has a purpose, own values ??and processes that have been developed along the way. The new employee needs to know them first of all. In addition, old contributors need updating in the face of such a dynamic market and changing organizations all the time to stay relevant. There are also technical issues that can be reinforced, learned or refined by employees.

The problem is that many companies see corporate training as a waste of time and money. But in fact it is an investment that means long term savings. If it is an online training on a distance learning platform (EAD), the optimization of financial resources and the advantages are even greater.

Online Corporate Training Platform: Time Optimization

All employees, without exception, need to be trained. There is no successful trajectory that shields professionals from the need for upgrades in an ever-changing world. Alignment with the new career challenge between employee and company is also needed. Time at home also does not guarantee that an employee is productive all the time. It takes motivation and that he is always learning. Online corporate training comes in handy in both situations.

In large organizations, stopping all staff can have an unprecedented impact on productivity. By providing online training, everyone has access to the content. The direct managers of each employee can define the period for the employee to devote to training. Thus, it is possible to make a scale so that all sectors work so that the company remains productive. There is still the option of training taking place outside working hours.

The instructor will only need to teach once as well. That is, when recording video lessons you do not need to repeat the message to different groups or new employees. If you hire a professional from outside the company, you will cut costs as the instructor will take less time to teach.

In trainings where high-level companies - directors, presidents, CEOs - need to be present, the platform makes it easier to keep the commitment. Just schedule a time with who will record the classes.

Higher standardized content

When an instructor divides a company's team into multiple groups and delivers training on different days and times, which happens in some places, the content changes slightly. In the case of same-day training, the last classes usually do not find the instructor with the same energy as the beginning of the day.

In online corporate training, classes can be rewritten as many times as needed to deliver the highest quality content. In addition, Distance Learning platforms such as Nochalks have features that make training much more attractive.

And the interaction, how is it?

Good training platforms have tools such as forums, chats, polls, and class commenting spaces. This way, interaction is possible and can be very productive. In addition to the instructor, employees can exchange experiences and build solutions together. The teacher can also propose exercises for students and check how is the absorption of knowledge.

Live classes

The best online corporate training platforms feature live classes. They are great times to foster interaction between instructor, employee and generate closeness. The class can still be recorded for consultation and ensure that those who could not be present on time can access later.

Is there a risk that the company's ODL training will be hacked?

If you choose a bad corporate training platform, yes. But with Nochalks, the safest on the market, your classes are protected. It has features that block simultaneous downloading and logins as well as screenshots. Continuous testing is done to ensure piracy shielding of its contents.

Control who is attending class

Monitoring who is actually participating in training is critical. Nochalks has the resources to measure who has been attending classes, for how long and what they have done. This identifies the most engaged employees as well as those who have not taken training seriously.

The EAD platform with your company identity

The problem with many online training platforms is the standardized layout. But the best ones offer high customization. At Nochalks, it's very simple to put the colors and other branding elements of your business. This customization makes the platform more professional, strengthens your brand and increases the team's sense of belonging.

Support on your company's EAD platform

The great promise of online training is to be available 24 hours a day, 7 times a week. However, as good as a distance learning platform is, even minor problems can occur. It is critical that there is a support team available to help you. At Nochalks, service takes place at the following times:

• Monday to Saturday from 8am to 0am
• Sundays and holidays from 14h to 22h

There is also a team that is available to answer questions about the use of resources.

Corporate training is key to building high performance team

Having an up-to-date team aligned with corporate culture has immeasurable value. That's because skilled professionals are the foundation for achieving your business goals. And online corporate training is the most advantageous way to provide constant, quality training for your staff, the benefits outweighing conventional training.

Invest in a good EAD corporate training platform and start seeing results. We also invite you to meet Nochalks, the safest distance learning platform on the market and features that make a difference to good professional training.

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