09/Abr | by: Marcelo Souza Campos

Cut corporate training costs by using a distance education platform

04/Mar | por: Luis Henrique

Training your employees is something super important, both to improve their qualities as professionals, and to increase their efficiency in the workplace. But often, this training process is expensive and laborious because it demands an entire logistics, and often the presence of a professional on the spot.

But with the advancement of technology, it is not so. There are now ODL platforms, such as Nochalks that help you lower costs and time...

What is the price of a free e-learning platform?

18/Mai | por: Marcelo Souza Campos


You can pay a very expensive price if you do not know how to choose the ODL platform well. Having your content leaked for example can cost your business!



When we talk in general about a market is a very delicate subject that many times we repress and stop talking about. This subject should be addressed not only, but prioritized by Online Educators....

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