5 reasons precursors of evasion in courses and online training

5 reasons precursors of evasion in courses and online training


There are several reasons that cause the withdrawal of students in courses and online training. Find out what are the reasons and how to get around this problem.



The learning platforms it was a great factor in the evolution of education around the world and brought accessibility to courses and institutions. Nowadays, anyone has access to courses, training and information around the world without leaving your home.


Due to the globalization and the Internet, education has become democratized and wide, brought professional training that was hitherto inaccessible for that demographic. In this way the institution does not necessarily need to be the same city or the same country as your student.


On the other hand, this "classroom" is still new and is and students are still struggling to adapt to this type of learning field. This situation causes problems become a challenge for distance education institutions.


In a survey by ABED, the Brazilian Association of distance learning, the greatest challenge of the distance education institutions is to keep their students until the end of the course. The evasion of his students is worrying more and more institutions.


But what causes this this evasion? How can I at least minimize this problem?


5 reasons precursors of evasion in courses and online training


Well, first of all we have to understand what the cause of his student evade its course and online training. In this way you started to think of measures and strategies for the main factors and thus maintain its base of always stable students.


First reason: Personal problems.


These factors are directly related to situations that occur outside the school area. Are situational factors that can cause your students lose interest in the course or comes to the student evade a course and attend your members area less and less.


When we have lost students for these reasons, they are the most difficult to get around and bring them back to your courses platform because as stated earlier, are factors that occur outside the institution in which case we would not have control of the situation.


The main personal problems are:


Family problems: It is very common for a student to give up a course or training due to this cause. A student may withdraw from a course for various reasons such as of parents divorce, death of close parents, health problems in the family, etc.


In these cases it is very difficult for the institution to identify these factors, more oriented to analyze student progress and identify your evasion attempt a direct contact to identify the problem and get student bring this back to the course.


financial situation of the student: The student can start having problems in the payment of the course or online training. This can occur due to unemployment, problems with debts and surprises elements that have costs before the student would not have.


With the monitoring of their students payments, the institution can easily identify problems in payment and so do a work retention and negotiation to have no loss of students.


Health problems: Well, in this case unfortunately there is not much that can be done, since the student is weakened to proceed with the course or training.


An interesting tip for when this problem occurs, it is the institution to the student's option to "lock" the course temporarily until his recovery and after power back their activities normally, this way the student will be able to stay in training with a level of concern lower .


5 reasons precursors of evasion in courses and online training


Second reason: lack of academic support


Unlike the first reason, this problem can be solved and worked directly with the institution. A teaching school distance as any company providing service, shall establish and maintain ties with their customers, because this way the company can best meet your needs and solve any problem more efficiently.


The lack of interest situation does not occur only student with the institution, as the reverse is true as well. The main factors are:


Lack of tutor feedback: The student needs support from the beginning of their study, their activities and progress are very important to complete the course, but students need your teacher keep aware of errors in activities and academic guidance.


Answers, reports and results of work presented by the student should always be shown to the same, it is one way in which the student can always seek to improve their mistakes and improve their studies.


This question feedback is valid for all sectors of the learning institution, since its administrative, support and research fields.


Lack of support: The primary contact that the student has to Online educational institution is with her tutor, he then proceeds to have the function to motivate your students and support it to complete the course with the best possible performance.


Lack of interaction: Even if the course is taking place in a distance education platform, the tutor must be active and always in contact with his student, when this does not occur, the student loses interest with the content, generating the avoidance of course.


5 reasons precursors of evasion in courses and online training


Reason Three: problems with technology.


This factor is very common cause dropout students in the course or online training. Information technologies are still new tools and so still causes much resistance to a student who has little knowledge about.


Besides the lack of knowledge, another common problem is the lack of access to resources such as home computer, internet, among others. This problem can make a student enrolled give up its course.


The most plausible guidance on problems with technology is to make clear to the student the minimum requirements of both technical knowledge and equipment to be able to run the course with the least difficulty possible.


For students already enrolled, the institution may create short training courses for these students and keep them up to date and with the necessary field of tools and resources.


5 reasons precursors of evasion in courses and online training


Reason Four: Work overload.


Balancing work, studies and family is not an easy task for anyone. Students opt for distance education institutions for this reason, but even the classes being in an affordable online learning platform on computers and mobile devices, to make the course and be able to absorb the content requires time and dedication of the student.


In many cases, the student can’t reconcile several things at the same time making him leave to proceed with any activity. Unfortunately, most people do not see education as a priority, in other cases due to be family income or may not reduce their working time by higher forces, eventually opting to give up the online course.


5 reasons precursors of evasion in courses and online training


Reason Five: Disinterest content.


Course content should always be stimulating and consistent so that your student stays until the end of the course. Create a creative content, updated and high level of learning is a very big challenge, but it should be done by any institution.


Keep an up to date and interactive course makes your student get involved with the course and help reduce the dropout rate for this reason.


5 reasons precursors of evasion in courses and online training


Well, now we know the main reasons causing the dropout of students in courses and training online. It is the institution develop strategies and models to get around this problem and engage more and more students.


Create interactive content and quality increases the credibility of its courses and training and along with it, let its increasingly satisfied customer creating a spontaneous marketing through their students. Think about it, and always work towards your student, you'll surely get incredible results.


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