7 common mistakes made by online entrepreneurs

7 common mistakes made by online entrepreneurs


You have a Distance Education institution or a virtual store? You can’t make these mistakes!



Nowadays, open your own business and start to entrepreneurship at a certain point of view has become easy. Physical stores have become sites and thus enabling a customer make the purchase and receive your product without leaving your home.


Furthermore, the online marketplace further included a public and a very short time interval. Today a store or any company providing online services from within any state, may well serve large companies big cities like São Paulo without difficulty.


The growth of the online market has not opened space only for new companies, but also opened a growing openness to companies already achieved in the market, say physical.


From small businesses to large networks have joined the online market to increase their sales and achieve even greater market. Thus, in addition to entering another competitive landscape, brings another consumer option.


This new type of trade today called e-commerce has brought along with it a series of factors that actually interfere directly with your customer:


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Competitive pricing: I'm not saying the Internet is cheaper or that should be cheaper, but if you do an analysis of certain products or services in your city and on websites, you'll see that on parts of them its price is actually lower on websites.


The great advantage of this factor is generating a more competitive price, this advantage is interesting both for the company and for the consumer and is a major precursor to bring new companies to the market or to companies working in another competitive advantage.


Increased public companies: Well, we are talking about a network that connects hundreds of millions of people, now the rest of the reasoning is mathematical.


7 common mistakes made by online entrepreneurs


Brought products and services to places that previously did not: The Internet and e-commerce brought with them accessibility. Companies operating in areas as previously had no access to a product or service. We can say that this is a democratization of commerce.


When we speak of this new market, we are not limited to a particular type of segment, or product or service, we are talking about this in general.


An example of this, in my town there is a course of Inbound Marketing until now, I had the option to travel and take the course in another city, but would generate me a very high cost, but with the internet I found the same course online in a distance learning platform.


Well, what I show in this example is that a Distance Education company managed to reach a target audience without any seat in that city, needed just a website and a marketing strategy to reach me and thus make me around client of the institution. An interesting detail is that this company works only with distance courses.


But the main topic of this article is not to say the qualities and advantages of the digital market, to be more direct, this article is to speak directly to you, your company and your work.


There are two types of business when we talk about errors and problems, working preventively, and working corrective manner.


A company that works preventively cares to identify a problem or an error in its management even before it occurs, so to now take the necessary steps to avoid this problem and to work with the lowest possible friction.


The companies working corrective way, expect the problem to happen and then take steps to fix it. Working a problem like this may be a necessary, but can’t become culture of your company.


This article has exactly this purpose, now that we understand a little more about e-commerce, we understand common mistakes that can make any business and can bring even bigger problems for the company and even leads them to bankruptcy.


Let's call them the 7 capital sins of e-commerce. These errors are more common than you think, and so the need to talk about each of them.


I did some research where I obtained several flaws in e-commerce, deepening on every subject I concluded that these errors may not be the biggest or most common, but become the most worrying and that we have a great deal of care. So come on!


Sin 1: Do not create a niche market.


7 common mistakes made by online entrepreneurs


There is nothing interesting to offer a bit of everything, embrace the world with short arms is a very common mistake that companies make and can bring a result both its brand and its consumers.


Offer a bit of everything makes your business lose credibility, your customer may be afraid to shop at your store and even the company itself in this case can’t provide a good quality in its products and services.


I believe that any company has as one of its goals and become a major reference in its market, but before setting this goal and start thinking about how to achieve this goal is necessary to define what will be its segment.


The more specific better, think well if you defined your market will be in distance learning, see how many areas there. Now, if you set your segment will be distance learning and make specific courses in information technology, you've got to have a better orientation of your business.


Segmenting your market is extremely important to your success, you see, SENAI is a great reference in Brazil in the segment of training courses and technical courses in the industrial area, SENAC is already a great reference courses of commercial and administrative area. Both have their well targeted market and its well-targeted products to a particular area.


Even having some courses in different areas, they can still connects them and their credibility is the result of your main thread.


Your company or institution should be with his start client after your purchase journey, if your customer has bought a blouse, it's good to offer him a pair of pants to match this blouse. Similarly in the world Distance Education, if you offer a basic course of computer, why not offer an advanced course in the same place?


Be an expert in your market, this way your brand speak for yourself.


Sin 2: Having a disorganized site.


7 common mistakes made by online entrepreneurs


You go into a shop to get in the door, even before entering already shown dirty and disorganized? I believe the answer is no. The same thing applies to your site, it should be as clean and organized as possible, otherwise you can frighten your customer.


Currently there is a new concept, design thinking, which in one of its themes is the user experience. The user, in the case who is accessing your site should have a positive experience from the moment of click.


When we say that the site should be as clean as possible, I'm not saying it should have little information but that should only contain the information needed at each stage of navigation.


I believe this is one of the biggest difficulties of companies currently online, as you see, so we can get the site is well organized and inductive, before we find out how the behavior of your consumer.


We should know that when your customer clicks on your site, what is the first thing he seeks, where he makes his search, which information he wants to get first, and in this way to get your site follow this step by step where your user will feel comfortable during your navigation.


At the beginning it can be very difficult to put this into practice in this case is very viable purchase for software that shows how the navigation of your user and so you can constantly improve your website.


Finally, when we talk about organization, say that the information should be put in place, your customer needs a constant information load, but useful for each step of your browsing and buying. Your client has to understand your site and learn browse it from your first access.


At this point it is worth mentioning that your website should be like the aisles of a supermarket, your customer should find laundry detergent in the clean sector, not the ice sector, would not have the sense it. Right? So why would sense a sales site?


If your customer has entered an area where you are looking for courses for graphic designer area, has no sense to have a cooking course there among these courses, always remember that!


Sin 3: Do not pass the necessary information load


7 common mistakes made by online entrepreneurs


Yes, there are companies who commit this sin. Often, a customer gives up making a purchase, be it a product or course not have information about the product. Not enough to have just an image of the product and the price, consumers demand more than that.


A tip for this case is to fields or links to your customer find the product information or service. Technical description, precautions and care, which comes with the product. The same goes for courses. Tell that comes with the package, duration, curricular program, payment models, etc.


In cases of online courses and training, not limited to just put course information, enter information of the institution and the teacher too, but in an organized and in their place form.


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It is interesting within the site itself, the client has this search option you are buying in this way but you are helping him to know that product, you are preventing him from entering another site to do this research and shopping another place.


Remember, your client has accessed your site and are looking at it for a purpose, it is your job to help him achieve this purpose without assistance on other platforms.


Sin 4: Do not invest in Marketing


7 common mistakes made by online entrepreneurs


We still live in an era where business owners are resistant to invest in digital marketing, and almost always has the same speech that the Internet is released and it's free. This is not a myth.


Really the Internet is an open field, but have you thought how it makes the market there to be more competitive? Well then, that's the truth, so it is crucial to think about marketing strategies and invest in digital marketing.


Another issue that we see a lot is that many companies only look at the status that the company has in its market, but forget to consider that to reach this point much work is needed and investment.


Think, what soft drink company dreams of having the same level of Coca-Cola? I can judge that any company in this market dream about it, but how many companies are willing to invest in marketing and sales as Coca-Cola? This is the "X" of the matter.


I'm not saying that you should spend very high values for Marketing your institution, but you should separate a part of your budget for it for sure!


Another tip, do not invest only in short-term marketing can be profitable now, but already quickly falls by the wayside, the ideal is to keep a constant investment but create the medium and long term strategies.


Of course, the less you need to invest will be better, but never think it is not necessary expenses for marketing. This point makes a big difference to the success of your business.


Sin 5: Wanting to do everything yourself


7 common mistakes made by online entrepreneurs


Many businesses close early for this reason, the will to want to do everything yourself. Being an entrepreneur is a great desire to almost everyone, but it is not alone, even that to start a business, you need to perform tasks that may not be of your knowledge.


Having a partner is an option, or some partnership through exchange and everything. But it may not be exactly what you are looking for. In this case, ask for help friends in need to develop something or if something complicated, outsource that service.


But so it would not be too expensive?


Well, we are about to open or run a company, and this is not possible without the right investments, and believe me, pay to do something well done can bring you even greater profits.


So I guide always looking for a good developer to create your website, a marketing consultant to guide you in the shopping cart and user experience, in the event of courses and training in the distance, a teaching platform that will give you all the support and support is also crucial.


Sin 6: Compare your company with business in other segments


7 common mistakes made by online entrepreneurs


Create a survey or make comparisons with companies in completely different markets than their own. You can’t compare a Teaching School Distance with an online appliance store.


Even if both work entirely online, products, prices and public are completely different, not to mention its sales and marketing strategy and business planning are also distinct.


Do market research and analysis within its segment, look for associations and bodies, as they always have some data, article or research on your market.


Sin 7: Complicating the customer payment


7 common mistakes made by online entrepreneurs


Have you ever imagined in a store, you buy a product and has a huge bureaucracy to pay, having to fill out several forms and terms? It would be no fun, right experience? For this is the reality of several companies mainly in the virtual world.


Regardless of your niche when it opens a virtual store, your aim is to sell something and get by that, is the basic sales process. Who buys online or enter the site, review the product or service, and to decide to purchase or payment occurs as quickly as possible.


Many customers give up finalizing a purchase just for this reason, and in numbers, it can make a big difference in their numbers. Remember that just talk about Design thinking? The payment is part of the user process and it should also be working with all possible care.


One solution to this case and that many companies have adopted is to create a login for the user, where it fills the registration data only once and thereafter only make access to your registration and make your purchase quietly.


Another great advantage of this guide is that you can contact that user for e-mail marketing campaigns, thus being able to send campaigns, promotions and new products to your customer.


Now you know about these errors and some ways to avoid them or correct them. It is important to keep up to date and seek more solutions to have a constant improvement of its online store.


If you follow our articles, you've probably noticed that this category "Business Management" do not talk directly about NoChalks, speak directly to you, who is a businessman and is day-to-day goes by great challenges in your business.


The NoChalks is a company designed to help your product, if the Teaching Platform Distance was fully developed to be the safest market as well as being hundreds of resources and the administrative, financial, sales and classroom.


The same purpose in your product, it also goes directly to those who follow our work, customer or not, because what we really want is to have more and more success!


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