7 tips for improving the sale of their courses and online training

7 tips for improving the sale of their courses and online training


Devising ways to satisfy your customer is a constant challenge in day-to-day company, here are some tips to improve your sales.



Currently, it is very common to see companies with a high quality product, but can grow and sell as well as your competitor has a product of the same segment, but perhaps of lesser quality.


Have you ever wondered why that is? Well, if your answer is yes, you should have lots and lots of reasons to justify it, but if we stop to reflect well on, we are talking about several factors that together boil down to a single theme: sales.


Think upon sale is not only to pay and get something in return, sales comes from a series of actions and experiences which leads the consumer to purchase a product from a store in specifies.


If you put the term "what is sales?" in Google and do a search will end up having some concepts rather vulgar, I say, and direct, but not quite. Talking about sales, we are therefore talking about people, what their needs, problems and desires. How your company can help her?


7 tips for improving the sale of their courses and online training


Who buys a product or acquire a service, made this act driven by a need or desire. We saw that this product can bring a solution to a problem this customer.


But the question is not this, at this time, we are putting into evidence your product or service. How to show your customers your product? How do you understand that your product will solve a particular problem or will meet a particular need for it? For now we got the first hint of this article.


Tip one: Create a trust relationship with your customer.


Your client from the beginning to be worked to understand what your business has to help you capacity and solve your problem. This task is not easy, because for this you have to first of all get the trust of your customer.


Before making the purchase, your customer should understand what your product, its attributes and benefits. A person does not go into a shoe store, look for a tennis, she asks for your number, pay and go out with the product at hand.


Usually the customer asks about the brand, model, ask to try it, it looks like the tennis was on his feet and only after this process that it decides to make the purchase.


This process the customer interacted with the company and the product, this was the main point that caused him to take that particular shoe because, while in the store obtained information about the product and its quality.


Okay, but what about a company that works with courses and online training?


Well, before the customer to make the purchase decision, it needs to have information about your institution, on the course, finally, before I asked it to spend money without anything in return, you need to give him what he needs and after the client being involved with your product and service.


Finally, you need to give reasons to your customer that your course or training is what it looks, you can work it with articles, videos, release a free lesson for him, finally, you have numerous ways to get to do this.


7 tips for improving the sale of their courses and online training


Tip 2: Give your best for the customer, and free.


The beginning of this tip can be a bit strange, but stop to think a bit. When a producer makes a film and discloses his trailer, he puts his worst or best scenes? When a musician creates a single for the release of an album, it shows your better or worse music?


We're not telling you to pick up your course and deliver it for free to your client, but you need to show that this course is best for your client. It needs to be motivated to acquire it and carry out a purchase.


Your client has access to a high quality and free content will make you think, "If without paying anything they gave me something, sure to be compensative invest my money with this company."


Think of it as a sales strategy, you give a sample to your customer that you have the best in his exchange purchase your paid content.


7 tips for improving the sale of their courses and online training


Tip 3: Create a sales funnel


First of all, you should impose the aim of your website, the ideal is the site have one goal. In this way it will be better for you to filter your potential customers.


Your website should be all worked for before giving the option to purchase your product. According to the navigation of your client will receive an informative charge which must contain what he is searching.


Basically you will chart the way you want your customer relationship develop from their first access the site, display your content to your purchase. This way it is easier to capture your customer and make him make a purchase on your site.


7 tips for improving the sale of their courses and online training


Tip 4: Tell stories, everyone loves stories.


Have you ever heard of Storytelling? Briefly, it is the art of storytelling to sales. Tell you a story of an event or experience or showing any benefit that your company provides, it is a key weapon for your sales trigger.


The storytelling aims to engage that customer in your product and show it in a practical way its ability to help you in solving a given situation.


Remember, the story has to make sense for your client, there must be a beginning, middle and end. Make in form incoherently can cause problems for your institution rather than help it grow.


Think of this possibility if well crafted, will be a key to the growth of its sales. If you have questions to help, test, try new experiences in your company can bring very important learning.


7 tips for improving the sale of their courses and online training


Tip 5: The rules are not always to be met.


Selling it is not a whole script mounted to be followed to the letter with his client. Of course, you have to have a sales strategy well prepared and follow it. But there will be situations where you need to be flexible to be able to effect the sale.


Having this mindset at the time of negotiation, your institution will show more interest in having that person as a customer. Of course this is an exception in specific cases and should not be the standard of his institution.


7 tips for improving the sale of their courses and online training


Tip 6: Do not force a sale, let the process flow.


Forcing a customer to buy something he does not want to come to become an inconvenience. You have to always remember that you are looking for a solution to your customer.


I'm not saying you can’t offer another product for the same, but the ideal is that this second product is something that adds to what your customer is searching. For example, your customer is checking the course of accounting controllership your EAD platform and when it close the sale, you may well offer you one of the office package course for him.


In the above example you are offering something that will brings you in what he seeks, and will have a greater chance of this customer buys this second product seen your need. After all, you are presenting another solution connected to your primary need.


In this case, you are not making a forced sale, but using a sales call strategy upsell. The courses platform Nochalks, have a system to facilitate this type of work for the institution.


Force a sale would you want the same customer buys a fashion course for example, that would be something totally different from what he wants.


Another situation would make you buy another course or sticking with it without arguments relevant to buy another course beyond what your customer wants, do this, you would be ignoring all other tips given above. You have to deliver what the customer needs, is what he came already looking for or something that you identified at the time of negotiation.


7 tips for improving the sale of their courses and online training


Tip 7: Something happens with the number 7.


Well, it's tip you may not use it, or can think of creating something that will bring you great benefits. This article has 7 tips and little wonder. The number 7 is the number most remembered among any number. Think, how many days there are in the week? How many days God created the world? They are how many sins? Finally, the various questions that the answer is 7.


I did a little experiment on my Facebook profile to prove it, and made the following question: What is your favorite number? The amazing thing is that 54% of people in a universe of 50 responses on average, answered me the number 7.


Now we know we can use this to our advantage for marketing. With this information, you need to work on a strategy and campaign to make it something effective. You tip as you see, it is not like the others, which is something effective and concrete, but is information that can be designed and crafted for you and your institution.


7 tips for improving the sale of their courses and online training


Always remember: Any information becomes valuable if it is well crafted.


I hope these tips are really valuable to you and your institution and you can constantly improve your work in distance education market.


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