Automatic transcripts and subtitles for Online Courses

Automatic transcripts and subtitles for Online Courses


Why are Automatic Transcriptions so advantageous for your ODL Platform? Believe me, this can help a lot in your Online Course.



Various ODL institutions and teachers working with Distance Learning platforms need the transcription of their video lessons so that they can be subtitled. But doing these captions is not an easy task like that.


Particularly speaking I went through this process of transcribe an audio of the video produced by NoChalks and translating them into multi-languages, at first the work was simple, but in the course of the task I realized how tiring and time consuming it was.


During the transcription my concern was not only to put in the form of text the speeches of our bad videos also put it in without exact time of the video so as to stay synchronized with the speeches of the video. To complete all the work of an overall average of 30 minutes spoken of video, they were spent on average 15 hours worked to complete the entire process from start to finish.


It was hard work, but it was worth it for several reasons and benefits of doing the transcriptions and being able to insert an audio caption for them. The question of these transcriptions does not only involve reading but several other factors for your content, especially for your web-class.


Accessibility: Let's imagine someone with hearing problems. It looks for some type of course to qualify in the market, but due to its situation it can’t follow its content because there are no ways to understand the spoken content.


You as an education professional should certainly feel uncomfortable in thinking about this, not just in a financial matter, in being more a client, but the thinking of someone seeking knowledge and not being able because their needs are a little more specific.


Automatic transcripts and subtitles for Online Courses


Having all the lessons of your online platform with subtitles will allow this student to access your content and accompany you without the slightest difficulty and on the same level as any other student.


In addition, your company earns a nine nickname and in that way you will be able to work with a slightly larger audience than before you could not reach it.


Interactivity: This attribute in your content can be a great differential for your class, because it will generate greater interactivity even though your course already has, making it easier for your student to understand or follow the content in the best way that he finds it.


Besides all this with this text file, you can adapt it in handout or some other material to increase the knowledge of your students.


Automatic transcripts and subtitles for Online Courses


Didactics: We know that each student is a different case, some students have easier learning by seeing examples in practice, others by spoken explanations and also have students who can learn more easily by reading the content.


If you can make all these modes available in your Online Course Platform, why not do this? The greater the achievement of your student, the greater your satisfaction and thus the greater will be the reputation of your company.


Now we understand very well how valuable it is to have transcripts in your online courses, we have seen that it is not just a question of luxury, or just fill the screen, but a much greater need than we imagine.


But on the other hand, we have seen that it is very laborious to do this whole process and many times, due to other responsibilities you have in your course platform, you end up not being able to take this time, right?


Imagine if there was a way for you to automate all this work for you, leave it virtually ready, and right after you do a check, this transcript goes up as caption in your video and it's all there, without much work. An automatic transcription program would be very useful, right?


Surely this tool would be awesome, but you know what is even more incredible? It is that this is now a reality in the Nochalks and it is not just something of the imagination. After many studies, research and testing and we have succeeded in creating this sensational tool.


Automatic transcripts and subtitles for Online Courses


All you need to do is access your Course Platform with administrator login and make the process of adding a new class, there will be a field indicating "transcription" and click on it. This way your lesson will take a little longer to get ready, but the automatic caption transcription will be put together.


The program to transcribe the audio of your video is an already integrated tool inside the NoChalks Platform that must be requested by the team, the other advantage of this is that you do not have to install any software or hardware for this to happen in your computer.


Facility: You know all that process said above about the work of transcribing audio to text in your video? You simply will not have this work, the system itself will do all the automatic caption while you take care of other important tasks.


In a few hours all the work will be done automatically within the ODL platform and all you have to do is give a "okay" and the caption will be in your class.


Automatic transcripts and subtitles for Online Courses


This feature was developed by Nochalks in a unique way to meet a great need of our customers and to help them in any way they need. The Nochalks Platform is not only the safest platform on the market, it is also a platform of courses that seeks to meet the needs of our users, be it institutions, teachers and students.


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