Become an Entrepreneur of ODL Market in Five Simple Steps

Become an Entrepreneur of ODL Market in Five Simple Steps


You have everything to undertake the ODL world. You do not know how to do this? Keep Calm, we teach you how.



The quality of a product or service is essential to keep your client with you and satisfied with their work. Today, there are several companies that promise a quality that unfortunately does not provide.


Reality is sad, but it is something that can be avoided by any entrepreneur who is in this scenario. Of course, to avoid this, or fix something generates work, commitment and dedication.


The first point to be changed to get a quality product or service comes from the entrepreneur, their willingness to provide a better experience for your customer. I'm sure you search you constantly improve your work. I can say this with certainty because a simple action you, you are reading this article looking for some useful knowledge or something that will give you some idea to improve your product or service could be anywhere but is here.


Become an Entrepreneur of ODL Market in Five Simple Steps


When we seek knowledge and improvements magnify ourselves and consequently our work. This article is precisely for this, let's talk about how to create an online course.


You may be thinking: "I work with online courses and I'm much is known about this," but can be useful for you to improve increasingly his work, now if you have not worked with online courses, it's time to learn about and begin to put into practice that your project and get returns with him.


When we work with a quality product or service we can avoid wasting time and especially money and see some benefits that quality content can bring to you and your institution:


Decreases the demand for labor of their support team: A product or service quality, tend to have less both physical problems and techniques, provide quality makes its support team to focus increasingly on those issues that are really needed and will have less service related to issues that could have been avoided since the creation of the product or service.


Your customer is more satisfied: A satisfied customer with a product or service tends to praise him and to indicated it to your friends and family. Think yourself, how many times have you indicated a restaurant or a store because they liked the products and services offered by it and how many times have not indicated the opposite reason? Your client will indicate it always, all you need is to satisfy you and recognize you for choosing your company.


Generate economy: The higher the quality of your product or service, the less the need for support and repairs.


Have you ever stopped to think what is the cost of your Internet service provider come to your residence address any connection problems? technical value, material, transportation, etc. Now imagine this value multiplied by the number of times the coach has to return the site because the product has a low quality.


If you focus on the quality of your product sure you get mitigate this problem radically and with it, you will have less spending on support and will have time to solve other important problems.


Become an Entrepreneur of ODL Market in Five Simple Steps


There are several other benefits that quality can bring to your institution, and therefore the need to talk about.



Have you ever heard the expression "Education is the cradle?" It means that since we were born we have to be educated and learn the basics for a good living and have acceptance in society. A product or service is the same, from the outset it should be maintained and created so that will accept, will meet the needs of your audience.


To achieve this successfully, we must do this before that our product or service into the market, your planning should already be working for this, but let's not just talk about your planning, we will approach from the creation of online course to its sale.



Each stage of production of a course is essential for its success and acceptance, so it should be well thought out in each of these steps, we will follow a step by simply step that can help you a lot in making decisions and make that his course has more quality.


Step 1: First of all, do the complete planning of your course


The planning able to avoid problems, analyze best possibilities and give you control all stages of production progress, the planning has to be as flawless as possible.


The ideal is always asking questions to yourself and try to answer them in this way we can deepen better in its course.


Become an Entrepreneur of ODL Market in Five Simple Steps


Define your public: If you ask for whom your course will be directed? Businessmen, teens, specialization in a specific area? Set well who your public with your course.


Another important factor is to set your public profile, are people who have an understanding of the subject, the type of language used during the course, it will be more technical or informal, age, social class, in short, the more useful information about your public, the better for you to plan your course.


Make a schedule and delegate actions: Planning aims to also do your work organized, create an action plan in excel with all the tasks, deadlines to be met if there is any cost what the value is and who is in charge of this task in this way you will have full control of the time and you will avoid unexpected.


Analyze what you have to invest: Designing a course and sell it spends time and money, we know that you may not have a high value to invest in the area, especially if you are starting now, so it's good to put on paper all the expenses you will have to produce its course.


One tip I give to you is that if you can’t meet all the expenses, try any partnership, whether with filming and editing or even teachers. This can be very important because you can direct your money to other important factors.


Make a pedagogical planning: The course should be separated by topics, classes and modules. This organization makes its content is passed more consistently and clearly to their students.


The topics are the topics covered in class, they must address the issues that will complement the content that must be passed in class.


Classes will be all the topics, it is good to set a time duration of each class, because then your student will know how long he will be watching the lesson and to better organize your time. This is important for the student to make the most of your content and can work it calmly.


Modules are the stages of the course, dividing the course into modules is crucial for your organization and for the learning of their students.


Thus, its content surely be better spent.


Become an Entrepreneur of ODL Market in Five Simple Steps


Step 2: Now it's time to prepare the material:


Let us ask ourselves now, how will I spend my content? Will be in audio form? Video? As PDF? Or a combination of all.


A tip we give, the more ways to get your content you have, the better, use creativity to prepare your material, it certainly will make your most satisfied students in talks it.


The most common and efficient way is through videos, where the teacher will be speaking on the subject of the course and will have assistants in the form of slide to follow.


We know that record a series of videos and edit them, so I said earlier, have partnerships can be a very interesting move for you to put your project into practice.


Make a good script course, anticipate what should be said in each lesson plan and all its development. Having a script, make your more objective course and will not waste time on irrelevant content, will soon have higher quality in the course.


Another important tip, keep your up to date course information changes, events and updates to make all the difference, after all, there is always the emergence of a new tool that your student will need to know. Keep your current course make your course be more dynamic and shows your interest in learning your customer.


Become an Entrepreneur of ODL Market in Five Simple Steps


Step 3: Do you have everything ready, now you need to put it online.


A quality distance learning platform that provides you tools to facilitate all your administrative work and security of your content is a factor that can determine your success, that is, it does not have to meet only your needs, such as your customers too.


The platform courses and your website is your store, so it should be the best possible, the client must have a pleasant experience in accessing them and feel good will to consume the product.


In addition to all the platform has to be as dynamic as possible, you need quality support and maximum possible resources as native applications for distance learning, integration of payment gateways and customization, after all you want your environment to be the face your company.


Become an Entrepreneur of ODL Market in Five Simple Steps


Step 4: Review the entire project, now it's done.


Review never hurts, before disclosing its contents, do tests, attend classes and review the materials. Make sure that when your client accesses it he will have no problem with the material and not with the videos.


Remember we talked to have quality content in addition to increasing its credibility, reduces rework costs? For it is precisely why we advise you to do a complete review of everything.


Once you are sure that your material is ready to be made available, it is time to capture customers.


Become an Entrepreneur of ODL Market in Five Simple Steps


Step 5: You've worked hard, must now reap the fruits


Knowledge, learning, info-products have a commercial value, you have spent time and money to be able to produce your online course and I'm sure it was not an easy task, it is now time for you to get return on all their work.


Create a sales strategy and also plan a disclosure. In our blog has an article that tells how to create a marketing plan, it can be helpful to you at this time.


See the best way to sell your course, there are several ways you can do this:


Sale of modules: As your client go on the course, he will need to buy the next module to continue its implementation.


Sale per course: Your customer will buy the full course, so you release login to the same according to the current lead time. This is the way most practiced in this area.


Sale of access: It would be basically what Netflix does, your customer buys the login paying a monthly fee for him so he can take any course of its online training platform, in this case there is a fixed amount monthly for this customer.


Become an Entrepreneur of ODL Market in Five Simple Steps


See what is the best way to sell your course and how you will be able to capture more customers. Create an effective strategy and reap the fruits of their labor, because you deserve it!


Create online courses is not complicated, but requires a lot of work if you are an entrepreneur or a teacher who want to spread their knowledge is a way you can do this and be able to capture students across the country.


The distance education market is constantly growing and more and more people are joining the distance learning for various reasons.


In times of economic crisis in our country and a time to create new ideas, innovation and out of the comfort zone, as Muhammad Yunus says, "If you are unemployed, create your own job."


I can be sure that if you got to this point in this article you are looking for something beyond and want to grow every day more independently.


The NoChalks is a company focused on helping people like you who want to create an online course and be able to release it safely and economically, our need is to provide you a Teaching Platform with integrated features to make your job a lot easier and you help provide quality content.


Now it's time for you to get that drawer project and begin to put it into practice. Making determination, dedication and always with the intention of helping others, I'm sure their success will be imminent.


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