Distance learning and classroom. Two sides of the same coin

Distance learning and classroom. Two sides of the same coin


Whenever we see a dualism when we talk about education, whether technical or graduation. What better environment to do a course? Face or distance? Well, to understand better about this, we perfectly understand about each learning environment.



Education, not only in Brazil but all over the world became more rigorous when it comes to quality. This not only in content but also in the way in which this content is passed.


Above all, a new generation that seeks to save time is growing and making the educational companies turn their work for them too. By contrast, there is another big part of that is not without a teacher in front of passing the contents of the course grade.


Okay, but if you work with distance learning, why do I have to understand about that?


Quite simply, you need to understand before the consumption of your public and because it use a type of product and not like another. Understanding the consumption of your public makes you understand how to engage him and convince him that their product is the most plausible solution to your need.


This article is precisely for this, in fact we make an analogy of the student profile for classroom courses, students of distance learning courses and on the two types of mode of courses.


Distance learning and classroom. Two sides of the same coin


Distance learning:


Distance learning has grown tremendously in recent years. In 2014 there was a growth of 25% in higher education distance education and not just in graduations, these numbers could double in the next five years.


Well, just with this data we already see that is mode only win in the coming years. But why this growth? Why is a crowd preferring to do a distance learning course and not the face? We can raise a number of factors related to this technology, but it is not only this is only one side and good, this line of reasoning, the classroom course can also apply these technologies, agree?


I believe that the choice of the student to make an ODL course is more of a question that part of him self, but nothing that your education institution Distance can’t work.


Classes: Online Courses and training are made in a distance education platform, where the class is transmitted Live or recorded form, that various content and need, however, classes are stored on these platforms and the student can attend this class as often need and get a better capture content.


Today, several distance learning platforms are integrating with your system, tools for discussion and forums where students can discuss and address the current issues and thus generating interactivity.


Another very advantageous factor in the distance course, is that in general, the classes are more direct and focused to the main theme, taking advantage of the time in an effective way and not diverting your focus.


Valuation models: To say that online courses, assessments may be ineffective because the student can do research to get answers is a mistake, at least for higher education, as the Ministry of Education requires that evaluations of higher education are made all in person.


In technical courses it may be not as effective this method, or may prevent your student take the course to be far from his headquarters, however, there is freedom of evaluation methods of the institution, may request scientific articles, practical reports and other many evaluation, and in most of the time much more efficient than an application of a test.


Schedule: If a class is released at 19:00 for example, the student does not have to attend this class at this time, or at that time, thus making your more flexible schedule, that is a big difference of class time.


In this way, students can schedule their best times and thus reduce the number of faults considerably.


Frequency: The student can be evaluated not just by being in the classroom, as is very common in most classroom training courses, but the student has frequency accounted for classroom work and activities.


learning platforms as NoChalks 2.0 can indicate the progress of the student, say what their frequency in class, just like classroom courses do. So besides you can filter the participation of its students through work and exercise, you will also be able to filter your classes attended.


Cost: This is the main reason for the growth of distance learning courses. The media online courses values are 15% lower than classroom courses, but an online course can get to be 4 times cheaper than classroom courses.


The reason of distance learning courses have a lower cost is directly linked to its environment and reality is in no way linked to their quality, as well, the quality and efficiency of course is linked to other factors


In classroom courses the biggest expense is not only the monthly fee because there is displacement and power, which can increase very materially the total cost, not counting the time required.


The result of a student in a distance learning course is directly linked to your personality and organization. Freedom of distance education is not always advantageous, it is directly dependent on the personnel administration of the student with his time and responsibilities.


In profile analysis, a student to join an online course must have some characteristics in your profile to get a better take advantage.


Knowing how to manage your time: As stated before, the classes are more flexible, but can’t fail to be assisted and not focus on that content. A student ODL need to understand that when you are watching your class, your attention should be totally focused on the lesson. A council is to close social networks and preferably do it in a place without much flow of people or divert attention.


Ideally the student schedule a specific time to do your course and study their content and make this standard habit, so for sure it will be able to follow the course without difficulty.


Distance learning and classroom. Two sides of the same coin


Autonomy: A student ODL shall be independent and responsible with their tasks, should be proactive and do everything independently, without the need for supervision. Having initiative to initiate and complete a project will make your training to be the most perfect possible.


Interpretation: It is essential that students be able to easily interpret texts, videos and speeches. The same will support the staff for this, but the higher your playability, best for the student and their learning.


reading habit: Well, that's not just who does a distance learning course, it is crucial for any course in any area that the student has the habit of reading and research. The same needs to be in constant search of information that add their training and there is no other method for this so far. (laughs)


These features are not something a student can get, it's all a matter of habits and organization that anyone can acquire. In other words, anyone has the ability to study and acquire all the necessary knowledge through teaching distance mode.


Now on the other hand, the present teaching also has great advantages that are also determining factors in students' decision to start a course (in person or not) regardless of the area of operation.


The classroom teaching is an ancient and rather standard practice, but that does not mean that it did not change. The advancement of technology, for example, increasingly comes disabling the blackboards and bringing a growing momentum in the last content in the classroom.


But just as in the ODL market, we can say that the technology, which can be applied in both modalities. The classroom teaching is very strong due to several factors, we will list them at this time.


teacher's physical presence: A teacher there at the time, you can take a doubt at the very moment in which it arises, in fact is very interesting in this comparison. The biggest question, I believe that not to be the "taking doubts in real time" but have the teacher there before him.


Some people have a greater ease of learning with the teacher there in front of or even because of the diversion of attention, which is more sporadic in a classroom.


Direct contact with classmates: You know that discussion of policy on the table of a bar or any other topic among your friends? The same discussion through a whatsapp group may not be as interesting.


The same is a discussion forum, a wheel of students discussing a theme of the given class, gestures and expressions during conversation can cause the student to better understand that issue, in my opinion this is more a matter of expression than some other factor.


Lecture at set time: The student knows what time happen to class where it should be and when begins and ends. For many people, this kind of method is best for your organization and preparation for studies.


Distance learning and classroom. Two sides of the same coin


Contact with the pratic area: This is actually the main factor in the decision of a student to make an ODL course and distance. As the virtual environment to be effective, there is still a difficulty with part practice.


Several courses require fully specialized laboratories in the areas for better learning and yet, on some levels the kind of education, distance can’t meet this public, so that students opt for distance learning.


Classroom courses seem to be, let's say, more peaceful to do, but it is not so because the schedules and responsibilities should be fully followed the letter. A student to join this course modality should be very careful on some factors:


Dealing with scheduled times: ODL course Unlike where the student can coordinate their schedules in the classroom course is quite different. The class schedules are marked according to the institution and the student must schedule according to these schedules.


In this case the student has to know how to deal with fixed times and in some cases have availability at the time because the shifts that occurred classes.


Group living at ease: The classroom teaching is not only the student and the teacher (in very specific cases only). Several different people will be in the same room and the student must understand these differences for a good living and performance of the course.


Good diction: Having a good writing and good speaking is extremely important in any industry or field, or education, or the market, but the student will present papers and seminars and for this need to know with such actions as public speaking.


Distance learning and classroom. Two sides of the same coin


Be ODL or in person, will have their advantages and disadvantages that the student will be decisive factors in choosing the student in this regard. The institution should work positive factors might bring that student to their institution.


As for the student, it can easily adapt to study in any of the modalities for this same need to understand about the criteria of each and have an independent responsible work of your choice, after all, learning a student depends solely on him same.

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