How to create a marketing plan

How to create a marketing plan


Whatever your business, your product or service, have a good marketing plan is essential. Learn how to create a plan in simple steps.



Hello! In this article we will talk about a more general matter, I'm sure that regardless of your market, if you have a distance learning platform or any other company is important marketing planning.


This theme is always current and in all these my years at the School of Publicity and Advertisement and is always approached by teachers.


According to Philip Kotler, writer of the book Marketing Management conceptualizes marketing as follows:


"Marketing is the science and art to explore, create and deliver value to meet the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies needs and unfulfilled desires. It defines, measures and quantifies the size of the identified market and profit potential. He points which segments the company is able to serve better and it designs and promotes the appropriate products and services. "


Marketing then can be said as the exchange of values where there is the satisfaction of both parties. And as I said, marketing is not about a tool, but a science.


A set of techniques, strategies and actions to define the act of marketing, ie marketing is not just to sell, it comes to planning, relate and grow.


How to create a marketing plan


Through the marketing we can answer the basic questions for opening a business that would be:


What to sell? (Product)


What the value? (price)


Where to sell? (Place)


How to sell? (Promotion)


This relationship is known as Marketing Mix, popularly 4 P's of marketing. You can’t talk about marketing planning without understanding exactly what each of these P’s.




The product is what your company will offer to the public. It would be the solution of a problem or something to meet a need or desire. Not every product is a service, but all service is a product.


Products are divided into tangible and intangible.


Tangible products are those that are manufactured, can be touched and seen, such as mobile phones, cars, real estate, etc.


Intangible products are those that are provided, can't be touched and do not seen, such as health insurance, travel agency, TV and internet subscriptions, etc.


Here are two examples for you to understand better what is the product:


Problem: Getting around faster.


Need: Buy a vehicle for this


Product that can solve this problem: A Car (tangible product)


Desire: Buy the best car and the most comfortable.


In this example any car could solve the problem and so the individual could get around, but it will want a beautiful and comfortable car to your liking, even if you can’t buy it at the time.


We'll see another example:


Problem: Need to access the internet to check emails, social networks and Web courses.


Need: Hiring an internet provider.


Product that can solve this problem: broadband internet Signature.


Desire: Get the fastest possible internet connection.


Membership 2Mb internet would be enough, but in every way the individual wants a higher level to have a faster access.


How to create a marketing plan




The price is the monetary value of your product and how it will be paid. The price involves all that was spent to be able to deliver that product to your customer.


Your price should match the qualities of their product and what your customer is willing to pay.


How to create a marketing plan




The place is where your product is sold. Would your store or your office or your site.


So that the customer has access to your product, it must be shown somewhere where your customer can see it even if it is through representative images.


Where is its place interferes directly with their demand, so it should be well planned and chosen a location with the flow of people who are interested in that product.


How to create a marketing plan




This is where advertising. You have a product, price and place just need to create a strategy for your public to buy from you.


The promotion is not only responsible for making your brand reach its public, it is also responsible for the concept and acceptance.


The main form of business competitiveness comes from this point, as it is this way and with your strategy you will buy it in your store and not from your competitor.


There are plenty of strategies, such as giving discounts, gifts, prizes, raffles, etc.


As you can see the marketing mix works around the public, after all, it is exactly who you want to reach.


Make it work in perfect harmony is not an easy task as it seems, if there is no a well-developed marketing plan, be able to work with your public may be an even greater challenge.


Now that we know what is marketing and how is your relationship, let's learn how to create a marketing plan for your business to grow more and more. Let's move on steps each item that is necessary to implement a truly viable and possible strategy for your company. Come on!


How to create a marketing plan


Step 1: Create a goal


Even before creating a plan, we need to know what our goal with it. This varies with your need.


If you start with the single thought "want to sell more," may be a mistake, the reason is simple, sell more does not mean more profit. See well:


If you log in your store 10 sales worth $: 10,00, you achieved sales of $: 100.00. But if you enter only a single customer in your store and even make a purchase of $ 150.00. We have seen that increase the amount of sales does not mean that you earned more.


In this case, we walked would not increase the amount of sales, in this case would have to understand if the intention is to attract new customers or create upsell strategies with customers already frequent the store.


When we create a goal should be as direct as possible. Of course, we know that his intention is to have a higher profit, but you must understand that profit is a consequence of a work, that is, you should focus on some point or to correct a fault your job to make it to profit.


I'm not saying say "I want to sell more" is a total mistake, but should think then how you want to do this. You can increase your sales number considering increasing the variety of products, increasing their team or creating some promotion. In this case this would be his real goal.


How to create a marketing plan


Step 2: Know your public:       


Ricardo Nunes, the great entrepreneur, Divinópolis-MG, the branch appliance stores, has a network of 1,100 stores, Ricardo Eletro. Interestingly, Ricardo is always visiting their stores around the country, but not to stay in the administrative sector, it goes into the store to talk to your customers, negotiate like a normal seller.


This entrepreneur knows that this contact is very important to understand who your public is, how he acts, which consumes and what it is willing to pay.


Set your target public is crucial for defining its strategy. You must know your customer like a close friend. If you want to know something, do not be afraid to ask, but be humble to hear your answer.


Another idea, and in the case of your job Online, is to create a fast and dynamic questionnaire to email marketing or any means of direct communication that the company uses to talk to your client.


Collect as much information as possible and create a report with this data, they will always be used.


How to create a marketing plan


Step 3: Know your competitors:


The market will always be competitive, no matter your area, you will always have competition, either directly or indirectly. And you should always prepared for it.


It is not wrong you study your competition, your products, your POS (point of sale), your marketing strategy, etc.


Can understand what your competitor offers makes you able to see what you can offer more of your product. Create a spreadsheet and set its main competitors, study them and always try to anticipate.


How to create a marketing plan


Step 4: Analyze your product on the Marketing environment


It's part is the most difficult to analyze because every entrepreneur sees his product as something perfect and it is not so. There will always be a failure or something that can be improved.


Analyze what can influence internally and externally your company has an open mind and humility to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.


Create a SWOT matrix, use tools to discover these points. If you can’t do is analyze, ask those who use your products and services, refer to your client. He better than no one can tell you exactly the strengths and weaknesses of your company.


The SWOT Matrix is an excellent way to do this analysis, is to create tool you should put the following points:


Strength: It is the internal elements that bring benefit to your company. It's what you can control. At this point is:


-Ease Payment


-Team work


-locality privileged


- Active


- Payments and charging models


Weakness: They are the internal elements that can disrupt your business. You have control of this action but that does not help in achieving the mission of your company. At this point it will be.


- High prices of the product / service


- Poorly qualified staff


- Systems and outdated technology


- Low-quality Service


Opportunity: It is that which can be used by your company externally and generates positive impact on your company. You do not have control of these situations. This point is:


-Onset of a new law


- Access to new technology


-A New course or training


-Launch Any product that can add your business.


Threat: Are those external situations that can hinder your business. They are out of your control, but you have the science that there is the possibility to happen


- Lack of hand-skilled labor


Piracy of your business


-Changes Legislation


By having all ready SWOT matrix, perform a full analysis of the same, you can be sure you'll get extremely relevant information for your marketing plan.


Step 5: Establish a timeline


For your marketing plan to work, it must be set a deadline for each activity performed. In this way you too will be able to better organize and collect some activity stipulated in a given period.


Create an action plan with all necessary information, such as who has been delegated that function when it was imposed, what should be done and when it should be delivered. Always have a report of these activities with the whole process, costs and resources.


Remember, the larger the organization, the better for monitoring.


How to create a marketing plan


Step 6: Create a marketing strategy.


Well, now we know everything we need on ours public our product and our company. First of all, we set our goal with this planning. Now it's time to combine this information and define how we will achieve that goal.


According to your goal if you ask how you will get to him. Create hypotheses, make budgets and testing.


If you are unsure or undecided what to do, look on the internet for cases related to what you are looking for, see how big business worked to do this and implement as much as possible about what you found.


A good marketing consultant is an ideal person to help you with these decisions can avoid many more problems.


Report results through graphs and written reports and even if you have success must not be discouraged! Analyze where there was the error and correct it.


Planning will make you avoid many mistakes, unnecessary trouble and expense, before pouring it into practice, review it several times and confirm that this is exactly what you want and it will really solve your problem or reach your goal.


How to create a marketing plan


Additional tip:


A small entrepreneur Ederson Rodrigues always says that in your company, we should never blame any other factor except ourselves before any problem. He says that if we play cards and our cards in the hands went bad, we should not blame luck but ourselves for not having shuffled properly.


And this really applies to our companies. See, if our trade is bad and sales are not as even wanted in the current scenario of economic and financial crisis in Brazil, it would be our fault not create a strategy or a promotion that will make our sales volume increases.


Do not see it as something negative, it's really good to have this thought, it is now that you understand that success only part of you! And they are the most difficult times we've created the most creative measure.


Make that investment, move to a bigger store, implement a more advanced system, it is possible for any entrepreneur, it must have focus and will power, know how to work with your team and so have all sure that your business will succeed.


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