How to increase my profits on my ODL Platform?

How to increase my profits on my ODL Platform?


There's always a way we can offer more to our customer, and we can do that by increasing your profits...



The digital market has become increasingly broad and comprehensive, consumers want to find everything they need in the same place, do not want to be browsing pages and web pages to find everything they need. The more complete the platform, the more formidable your client will be.


But we know that most of the time this does not just depend on us, because there are situations technologically or financially limited. These and other factors end up limiting the entrepreneur and often not giving the possibility to cover and increase their business, this is a taboo that NoChalks has broken.


The digital market has represented a large percentage of the world economy and as a result it has also become increasingly competitive.




The digital market has represented a large percentage of the world economy and as a result it has also become increasingly competitive. If you think of your area, distance learning, imagine 10 years ago how was this market for this area? What were the resources? What was the public? We are talking about a very short period near the evolution that we have obtained.


But where do I want to go with this analogy?


First of all show that nowadays, there is always a solution or some resource that can help you a lot to grow your business. Even though you never thought about it, it could be a great opportunity to do something beyond.


New resources mean new opportunities and new opportunities mean new gains. On the other hand, companies that do not innovate or bring something new in their market are behind the competition.




Today the distance learning market is not just that recorded class where the student pays, assists, completes the course and ends. The internet market requires that there be interaction between institution and student, be it live classes, support materials, personalized exercises and the others.


Often the course requires the student to buy or seek knowledge elsewhere either by books, e-books or use of specific systems or equipment such as softwares, cameras, computers or work kits.


Often the ODL student qualifies in one place on certain courses, but needs to look for their complements in other places and companies. Remember we talked about your client finding everything in the same place?


Have you thought about it? That you can offer products whether digital or not for your customer. To think about this we have two aspects. The first if you have a technical institution can work with the trade of materials and products related to your courses.


On the other hand, companies that sell specific products can qualify their customers or capture and qualify new customers to use certain systems or products linked to the area of operation.


If your job is exclusively part of education, you can work with your student teaching and you even provide didactic materials or extracurricular materials. In addition to increasing your capital turnaround and covering your business, you will give your student the comfort of not having to look elsewhere for such a product, whether digital or not.


But how to do that?




You are probably thinking that this will generate a lot of work, since you will have to create a product e-commerce area, invest in the shopping cart, integrate payments, spend with development, and finally, it is a very high investment, not counting the products In this field.


It is a way, even today, if asked for any digital entrepreneur how to sell physical products online will be his first response. But what if your ODL Platform has a free area for you to work with? Already integrated with your forms of payment, easy to use and dynamic, how much would be good for you? NoChalks's proposal is exactly this, it's not really a proposal, it's a feature that is already active on the NoChalks Platform. Within the platform itself, your student can acquire physical and digital products in a very simple and fast way.


The Platform Administrator has a specific area for products, where it does the product registration, where the product data and image of the product will be filled. In this area will also be defined the freight in case of physical products or the download link for digital products.




Your student entering the area of purchase of courses, will have an area where all your products are registered and everything integrated with your payment data, also facilitating the purchase of your student.


In this way the entrepreneur does not have to worry about creating a specific area for this, the course platform will already have this field. Then you will not need to spend on the development of a specific area for this trade.


Now think about how much you can add in your work with this and make it easier for your student? And best of all, this feature on the NoChalks platform is free for all admin users to be able to work and further increase their profitability!


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