Integrated upsell with courses platform

Integrated upsell with courses platform


What is cheaper, sell your course to a new customer , or sell a new course for an active customer?



With this tool with its excellent content , it will be as if you had hired an excellent seller exclusively to harness the potential generated by their content displayed , but without cost you nothing for it.


We now know more than ever that it is economically interesting to resell the service to a customer who already own and know all the benefits of being with you and your working methods, than spend in search of a new customer who still knows nothing about you, in general the Upsell can boost your sales by up to 30 %.

And it is for this reason that the internal upsell is undoubtedly a powerful ally that is constantly working on the sale of new products , are classes , modules, entire courses or even complementary lectures .

Within the NoChalks , you can at any time registering completing content to sell as extra content , extra modules , finally, what to apply your business.


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