Integration with payment gateway

Integration with payment gateway


Sell ??so that the customer has all the security in the purchase , and you minimal effort. It looks pretty good, right?



The Internet users still find a number of barriers that prevent it from acquiring whatever is on the Internet , especially if a content where it needs to use a totally new or unknown payment system for it.


With this in mind , we align the most popular payment platforms that alone would convey the tranquility and security for your future customers buy at ease.


Having as an extension of its Online Teaching Platform, the Hotmart payment systems , Paypal and PagSeguro is really a reliable guarantee that there is only the massive sum of successes of these companies along with our Courses Platform also bring quality and convenience for you.


In addition we do the integration with the major gateways to market payments, your student can choose to buy their courses through slips and bank transfer.


We leave aside the bureaucracies and long gateway entries your future customers may not want to use.


In this way, we guarantee the freedom to choose the payment method for both and we gain a way to make your client have convenience in acquiring their courses, without difficulties and the best, everything automated.


It is also worth mentioning that the NoChalks platform does not ask for any fees related to the sale of its online courses, that is, the entire amount is credited directly to the account of your choice without NoChalks retaining any value related to this.


We leave all NoChalks prepared to automatically render the complex work of the whole process of receiving and sending  of Client Login information automatically after confirmation of payment, so that the customer can feel truly comfortable and you with complete management of their income, since we have also a complete financial report.


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Jonas Bach Junior

Gostaria de saber qual é a taxa cobrada por vocês para cada pagamento que um usuário faz sua inscrição de um curso. Se um curso custa R$100, quanto o produtor recebe? grato

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