Members area with classes and live webinars integrated

Members area with classes and live webinars integrated


How about handing your viewer a unique experience with your class or Webinar Live?


The amount of content grows every day and the need to present a live content arouses the interest of a crowd of people looking for unique content in an environment that as participatory as possible, without leaving your comfort.


The search for live content that the student can feel like you're in a classroom front of teachers, or presentation of a product in the presence of sellers without leaving the comfort of your home or work , just attracts for providing this tangible sense of the content presented.

Our Platform of the members once again demonstrates that it has all the essential features for this event smoothly for you and generate an extremely pleasant experience for the viewer. And all this without letting him miss a second of your presentation , as one of these features is precisely schedule the schedule of class that can be done to warn that the class is about to begin. Both by email and by SMS , these warnings can be triggered with this, nothing will be lost by it than you and your team prepared .


This feature is another way to facilitate the administration of their students and save money , since the Live Streaming Integrated no have to need to hire additional tools to perform their live broadcasts to students or Webinars sales.


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