Members area with integrated streaming

Members area with integrated streaming


Want more savings , practicality , time to focus on what matters , and a much lighter computer that is not full of software , or the need to work with multiple tools to manage a platform ?



Well, in our ODL Platform , we care about agility in the content of the insertion process , with it , will certainly remain more time for you and your staff focus on developing more content and support to its students, that is,  in what really matters .

No more wasting time exporting their content in various formats to find the ideal format for audio and video, our Courses Platform is already equipped with a powerful conversion system and encryption videos, which makes your video file in the sweet spot. Well, regardless of the speed that the Internet allow it , he can watch his class quietly , since our converter also creates all the necessary video qualities in the correct format automatically

One of the pillars of security offered by Nochalks is encrypted video platform , where you do direct upload, this allows you to save a lot of money , since you do not have to worry about hiring other platforms to insert videos , everything for you now find everything in one place , on your NoChalks platform the most secure platform in the world.


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