Members Area with training for companies

Members Area with training for companies


Corporate training does not always mean high costs, you can create a project with quality and low cost. Want to know why? We show you.



It is increasingly common being, companies invest in skills and training your team in this way and create a benefit for your employee and give him motivation to stay in the team, brings quality service and its products.


Investing in courses and training for your company will have a time demand and a significant expense for teachers, classes, space, etc. These factors may be the main precursors resistance of companies to invest in this type of training.


You should be thinking in a matter of values and that in fact are high for the creation of this type of training, correct? But there are ways to decrease by more than 50% the value of training.


Many companies has created this training using a members area where your employees have a login and thus can access the training that must be done.


Create an Online training is extremely advantageous for the company, Here are some reasons:


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It has a lower cost: According to ABED (Brazilian Association of Distance Education) an online training has a cost of up to 66% smaller than a classroom course.


This is because it is not necessary spending on space rental, classroom teachers and in this case the company can even buy a course ready to insert into your Online Platform.


Members Area with training for companies


The evasion courses: In the last article addressing the root causes of evasion of online courses, but when we talk about a business training these numbers are totally different.


In a study of ABED also demonstrated that avoidance courses and business training online is only 3% on average, thus being too low.


No need to stop your team or your production: An online course, different from a classroom does not have the need to stop the device, since your employee can do this training anywhere you have internet access.


Decreases employee turnover: When a company invests in its employee shows interest in their knowledge and skills in this way, the employee ends up being motivated to keep that company, as it believes that the company seeks improvements and invests it.


Increase your competitive advantage: A trained and qualified staff will be able to identify problems and opportunities, so the team can work better from production to attracting new customers.


Members Area with training for companies


After all, they can work faster and help the company achieve its goals faster.


As previously mentioned, many companies create internal online training projects through an online course platform just for convenience and ease of access that it provides.


Above all, the structuring of a Members Area and the allocation is much more aware that a face classroom. You see, it is not necessary for the student to move to somewhere beyond all use various other resources such as energy, equipment for exhibition content, etc.


With a training platform online you can convert these costs to other courses and above all, can produce lectures and webinars anywhere providing even live to your employees.


Well, now we understand the advantages for the company to create training for its employees and also understand why an online training platform is the best choice for this, but we can still further improve the situation.


Create an online course there is no spending only with teachers, talk about how to create an online course previously and saw that to create a course use of filming equipment, materials for presentation, teams for shooting and editing, among several other factors that increase the cost to take a course.


In other hand, there are several companies that work with the creation of this type of content and you can easily make the purchase of the rights to this content and make it available in your company.


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It will certainly be much more feasible to make the investment in this manner, since they do not expend time to produce the content.


After you set about creating an online training project and how to get these courses, it's time to think about where to host these courses in a safe manner and easily accessible.


One area members should be as complete as possible and should get some requirements to improve their work:


Security: Even if it is a content freely available to your employees, you sure do not want this content to be downloaded.


A platform courses should be encrypted and security measures against content download plug-ins, software, login sharing and also against screen capture, screencast.


Administrative Platform: The company needs to have control of their courses and their students, in this case a teaching platform that has a large administrative area and resources for this work will greatly assist your business and will save time for this control.



Easy of use: Access the platform should be as easy, fast and dynamic as possible. It highlighted that give access to content by movéis and smart TV applications can greatly help their employees to attend the course and so complete it as soon as possible if you lose focus.


Members Area with training for companies


Thus we can conclude that we may well create a corporate training design and less spending possible. Surely this will be very positive for the growth of your company and your employees.


You currently know everything you need to implement a series of training in your company with the best possible quality and the lowest cost as well. Now it's up to you! Consider the needs of your company and what the best training to constantly improve their work, surely you will only have to gain from it.


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25/Ago | by: Marcelo Souza Campos

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