Platform for courses with discussion forum

Platform for courses with discussion forum


Transform a virtual environment in a closer reality of the classroom , it is something that we focus well on our platform ...



The discussion and participation that enriches all forms in the class, can be achieved with our discussion forum tool, is an open space so that the student has the opportunity to participate in an organized manner by themes within each class also allows the same for the teacher there creating a pedagogically promising environment leading the student to awaken the desire to present their ideas and discuss together with others.


The learning curve grows and the student only win when the ODL platform is collaborative enough to allow him to question and present different points to the proposals of teachers and other colleagues , our Members Platform is no doubt this environment..

The comments area was elevated to another level . With the issues and the interactions of students organized into topics that can be answered even in Audio , and best of all is that it can be tempered by his team , that is, the student sends the message , and before it is published , you make the approval or not.


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