Platform for members with scheduling class

Platform for members with scheduling class


Knowing your training and also its commercial part , prepare something that should be examined by you:

Whether it's a teaching job well done that requires a necessary dosage of the past content to each uniquely student , or even a well-crafted business strategy , our distance learning platform has a release class system that can be very well used by you and your team in order to achieve this or that goal.


From the release of the classes immediately, scheduled , or gradually automatic ; this tool will leave you free to run in the best way their teaching tactics and / or commercial making it according to your planning a tool that can treat each student individually whether based on a pedagogical or financial analysis of student ..


It can be done the same with her for the release of the modules have their training , the important thing is the freedom that will have to use or not this feature implemented in our courses Platform way that suits you.


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