platform for online training with Automatic notifications

platform for online training with Automatic notifications


When the monitoring of their students begin to reach the hundreds, can be challenging . We have the solution !



Follow a classroom with 50 students , can now be a challenge depending on the size of your team, then exercise your imagination and try to think of how it would accomplish this by having 1,000 or more . How much of your staff would be needed to work with the various warnings and especially the retention of these students?

Almost unthinkable , is not it?


Our distance learning platform has been enhanced with the very best in terms of automatic notifications not only for you and your staff are able to warn students about different situations or details that require this kind of more dynamic communication , but it will probably need it individually .


Well, this is where our courses Platform shows its value , is not the simple factor to warn a detail that can be triggered for all students and ready , it has a space and a set of minutiae that enables conduct of simple form and that the student feels really something individualized , either in class recorded in Ondemand , or in class and live Webinars.


In addition, the platform members also have a program that can be prepared to be fired periodically to each student who is already some time without attending courses Platform and therefore are missing classes . This type of notification is of utmost importance to its retention is the best possible .


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