Public courses for ODL Platform, how do you use it to increase your sales?

Public courses for ODL Platform, how do you use it to increase your sales?

The best way to convince a customer to buy your work, is by making him experience what you have best to offer him...


The digital market is more competitive than ever, on a worldwide scale, there are 3.2 billion people connected according to ITU in which these users spend in average 3.5 hours connected to the day and these numbers is growing more and more.


These numbers show that there is a large volume of Internet users spending a good percentage of their day consuming digital content, Internet users who may be consuming youe digital content.


The taboo of the internet being a free site has already been broken, today users pay, and pay very dear, to get access to content of the highest quality, thus making the internet a great economic engine in any part of the world.


Public courses for ODL Platform, how do you use it to increase your sales?


This great mass on the internet create a huge market and as a consequence this market is becoming increasingly competitive. Companies use the most varied and unusual to be able to attract their audience and make them their customers.


On the other hand, users are also looking for ways to experience new content and new media not just for leisure but also professionally.


This whole phenomenon also includes its Courses Platform  and all its work as professional of the digital education. But what about you, what have you done to attract your customers and make them consume your course?


Surely you have some investment in marketing to be able to leverage your sales, even if it is something local, in your city itself. But in order to build loyalty and bring new customers, we must sometimes use different strategies. But, how to do that?


There is a phrase well known by marketers that says "you must offer what's best for your customer, and for free." It may seem crazy, but this phrase makes total sense and is what big companies do to pinpoint their success.


Well, let's think of a company from a very different market than ours. Let's talk about Starbucks, the largest coffee franchise in the world. Have you ever stopped to think they do not sell coffee? Your actual product is actually different if you look closely. Crazy saying that? No! If the Starbucks product was coffee, you can be sure that someone would rather pay $ 1.50 for a coffee at a coffee shop than that $ 6.00 at Starbucks.


Starbucks is a company that holds a lot of its efficient and qualitative service, besides providing a totally customized environment for the well being of its client, so that it uses the place in addition to consuming its products, can have a place to make a Break from work or happy hour. Coffee is just a part of it.



Well you to enter the Starbucks and be well looked after and be in a totally comfortable place is totally free, you do not pay a ticket, so if you buy a coffee will be gaining the option to sit on the site and take advantage of the whole site . In other words, you buy a coffee in the franchise and win the warmth of the place, which in fact is the best the company has to offer.


But we are talking about a physical store, which has a physical product and a totally different branch from ours. So how to do this with ODL courses?


Public courses for ODL Platform, how do you use it to increase your sales?


Many companies online, work with the most diverse digital content to capture their customers, we will exemplify some:


Videos in open channels: Social networks are a great help to bring users to your company. Youtube can mainly be a strong weapon for your work, since there you can create a content network for your clients.


The problem with social networks is that we will always have the challenge of taking that user off of them and going to their platform. Another problem is that social networks are very unpredictable and can cause problems for your work.


Blog content: Blogs is a great alternative, and I would not mind thinking about it. The blog as well as being an excellent content portal is an excellent aid to SEO (Search optimization system).


Through a blog, you can use SEO strategies for your sales site and thus make it on the first page of Google in an organic way.


Public courses for ODL Platform, how do you use it to increase your sales?


E-books: These digital books are a great ally to get information from future customers. For sure, you have already entered some website and there was an area "sign up here and receive an e-book". Believe me, many people - many even - do this.


These are the most common ways that companies use to deliver content to their leads. These content must have an extremely high quality, both in the content itself and in its production, your company should do its best to convince a lead to become a customer of your company.


But these means are very common, and virtually every business that has a job with digital marketing has a job focused on at least one of these means. So how to do different among so many who already work with it?


The NoChalks platform has thought of this and has created a resource that may not just be a simple tool but can be a great weapon to leverage your sales and make your Institution known in the marketplace.


We believe that the best way for you to show the best of your institution is to let your audience experience your work. But, how to do that?


The NoChalks feature was created just by thinking of it. This feature is the public course, basically you can use it to make your content available for free and thus giving your audience the opportunity to get to know your work.


You do not necessarily have to put all your courses, or create complete courses for your students there, you can use this feature to create releases of your courses or experimental classes.


For sure your audience will have much more confidence in buying your courses knowing exactly how high the quality of your work is, plus you can create mini courses and work with your company's branding. Finally, you can use this feature in any way you see fit, and it can certainly help you a lot in making your institution grow.


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