The major trends for Learning institutions

The major trends for Learning institutions


Learning institutions are constantly evolving. And you, monitors trends in the world of education?



Teaching has changed a lot in recent years, its methodology is no longer unidirectional, classrooms have changed dramatically and the way of learning came becoming more flexible and dynamic.


This phenomenon has been occurring not only thanks to the Internet, but also to a new generation accustomed to the fast and responsive information, that’s, in your hands with any device that allows you to access the internet.


Teaching has changed a lot in recent years, its methodology is no longer unidirectional, classrooms have changed dramatically and the way of learning came becoming more flexible and dynamic.


That method of teaching where the teacher goes to the front of a room and students are only listeners has become boring for students, not to mention that with the day-to-day we take especially in large cities, the weather became very valuable.


Thanks to this informational phenomenon, Distance Learning has gained a new level and getting remedy of the needs of students. I say be remedying of the need why not just innovate on the content, teachers and maintain always current information, we need an educational platform of this freedom and proportion both to the institution and to the student.


Not only educational institutions looking for new trends, such as distance learning platforms are also looking for innovation in creative ways to get fit as best as possible both the institution and its students.


But what has changed? What is so different as to be a point to be placed under discussion? Well let's talk about the main trends of distance learning to understand these factors:




Today it is impossible to think of creating new information technologies, software and platforms without thinking about the access mobiles. Currently access to the Internet, whether social networks, portals and websites for mobile devices exceeded desktop.


Having a teaching platform with mobile applications turns out to be, let's say a mandatory differential. We can still say it is a differential why several platforms not joined the mobile to date.


A platform without the freedom of access in question devices, let your very limited user creating a precursor factor of courses evasion and even creating negative effects on the course of the purchase decision.


Longer an ODL platform with native applications in addition to bringing greater security to the content of the institution, brings more comfort and safety for their students.


The major trends for Learning institutions


Dynamism in learning:


Learning on the basis only of books is a thing of the past, learning through video lessons is already becoming common as well and students are already getting "tired" of this way of learning.


Institutions is increasingly seeking new methods to pass the knowledge to their students with the most different themes. One way is gaining more space are the educational games.


The reason for this is quite simple, the student can acquire the necessary knowledge in the course is entertaining.


Not only the games, but there are several ways in which you can make the most profitable and dynamic learning for the student and several other media will still be created and adhered to in the coming years.


The major trends for Learning institutions


Flipped Classroom:


Inverted rooms is a big factor for the improvement of teaching not only the distance, but also to face teaching.


Before the student had contact with the material and content only at the time of the class, both face as the distance. Today the student has access to the material and content before class to be exposed. Whether through an educational game or through the currently pre-school calls.


This method was adopted for the student to get the best prepared class and still can flow better and better content given in class, so it saves time with terms and introductory topics and focus on what really matters in this class.


The major trends for Learning institutions




The term says it all, the quick education. As previously mentioned, nowadays time is money in the literal sense of the thing. This methodology is not applicable in all kinds of content, but it is very well used by ODL institutions.


A very common, economical and efficient method of creating this type of content is through slides that can be done in PowerPoint and audio following the image content.


This method is very common for mobiles learning platforms since it facilitates access to material are lighter and consume less mobile data.


In this case the content is passed very quickly too, where the student will access a material and in minutes you will have already absorbed all its contents and necessary learning.


Informal learning:


This story of the student have access to class at a given time and place is getting behind. Today a student wants to access their classes when, where and how you want without the need to be face to face with a teacher.


The courses, institutions and Teaching Platforms are looking more to the student doing everything to approach him giving this student the power of choice and decisions. This trend will cause the student to create his own teaching method, if you want something faster or slower, as he will learn the content and thus having a more personal and efficient methodology.


The major trends for Learning institutions


Adaptive Learning:


These are programs that do an analysis to identify the difficulties of their students and thus be able to work more relevant content and directed to these "learning gaps".


Another importance of this trend is that the student can fill information the learning deficit which will already be analyzed and the institution can now create a friendlier work in this area.


According to the appearance of new interests of their students, the institution can go adapting its resources to better serve them. This trend is quite strong for both basic education but also for higher education.


Big data:


The Big Data in education will help a lot in your customization, drawing a massive intelligence and giving your data very relevant institution for students, such as their strengths and weaknesses.


This trend will make the institutions work better the shortcomings of his teaching solving and avoiding certain problems, and bringing a great approach to the student.


The major trends for Learning institutions


Well, we always have to have one foot in the future and think about the possibilities for so have a great advantage and innovation. We at NoChalks know perfectly well that for your institution follow these trends, it takes a ODL platform with the latest technology as NoChalks 2.0.


Search new technologies and implement affordably is a very important theme not only for the institution and for its students and the development of learning at a distance as well.

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