The ODL Platform and the visual identity of your online business

The ODL Platform and the visual identity of your online business


If you still do not work with the visual identity of your ODL Institution, your business is at serious risk...



When we talk about marketing, we are not always talking directly about sales, but we are talking about several other factors that can directly interfere in the billing of your business, positively or negatively.


Building your brand's visual identity in the right way will certainly make a difference in your sales volume. You may be starting to enter the ODL market right now, or you may be working for years on it, that understanding about this subject is extremely important.


People need not only know who you are, but also must identify you whenever you see something related to your brand. It is extremely important not just for your media, but in your tools like website and ODL platform as well.


If you do a quick search on Google, you will easily find the concept of visual identity and thousands of search results about concept, applications, etc.




Concept: Visual identity is the set of formal elements that represents visually, in a systematized way, a name, idea, product, company, institution or service.


In other words, it's not just a logo, or a set of gears that will build the visual identity of your brand, but rather a series of factors that will work together to strengthen your business.


Your visual identity should match what you do, your platforms should also follow a certain pattern.


For example, your user when buying a course on your site and is directed to your course platform, it should understand if the less difficulty the link between the website, the platform and your brand. This will bring credibility and reliability to the user and make him understand that he did not have to migrate from place to place, everything is there, in the same place.


It is also important to think about the coherence of the visual identity of your business with the proposal of your work. Example:


Let's assume you work with courses related to the administrative area, and work with the proposal to teach administrative concepts and techniques in a simple and effective way. This is certainly something magnificent and is a real promise.


But with this your client has a not very pleasant experience when accessing your site, it is difficult to find what he looks for and every time he flips over, the site is of a different color. How would this user end a purchase on this site?


If this user accesses your site, and is well organized, following a whole pattern of your brand and still gives your customer the ease of finding all the information you need, the likelihood that he will finalize a purchase is infinitely greater than in Example.


So how to build a visual identity goes far beyond design, goes by the experience and the proposal that your brand wants to convey to your audience. But there are a few basics that should be well worked out for creating the visual identity of your ODL institution.


So, what should we take into consideration your visual identity?


To better understand the construction of your identity, let's understand some relevant factors that will make a total difference in your final work.


Colors: Colors define exactly what your job is. Facebook, Twitter, Outlook use the blue color on their platforms is not radom, there is a whole relationship between colors and usability behind it.




It is not a rule that should be followed completely when we are creating our visual identity, but there is a lot of research on user experience and color. Do a search on companies from the same follow up as yours and try to get an idea of how they work this.


Another tip is not to use many different colors, always try to keep a thread, use variations and tone or colors similar to the main color. Remember, it is not a rule, you can rather use very different colors, but be very careful in doing so not to visually pollute your brand.


Typography: Choosing the fonts worked with the textual matrix of your brand is very important and can have a great impact on the understanding of your audience. It is very important to look for sources that are easy to read and do not make your texts tiresome.




Also try to know the proposal of each typography you want to use, after all, it would not be very nice for your brand to create a text with a serious attitude using the Comic Sans font.


Images: Graphic images or photographs, think that they are part of the composition of your brand and how a whole context should be within your brand standards and proposals. Be very careful with this factor, look for light and high quality images.


Logo and slogan: Many people believe that the visual identity is just the logo and a slogan and purpose. Do not believe it, visual identity goes way beyond that. Your logo should be much more than a beautiful design, it should be the signature of your brand.


A drawing of a bite apple (or need to talk about what brand we're talking about) says it all about the brand, as her own CEO says, "Creativity is just connecting the dots."


You see, two great landmarks, one religious and another historical one that we have: The apple represented by the fruit of knowledge and the bite being the acquisition of this knowledge. In historical relation, one of the greatest discoveries of the physics was made by Newton when observing an apple falling, with this, discovering the laws of gravity.


Already the Slogan, it should reflect the soul of your business, it should be a short text, easily memorized and that says everything that your company does. Most of the time, big brands are remembered more by your Slogan than by Logo, so it is so important to know how to work well with both.


There are several other factors related to visual identity, but the main ones and the ones that you should start to worry about initially are these. Be able to create a relationship between these factors that gives a good aesthetic appearance and convey your proposal to your client.


Make a briefing: Understand that the visual identity is there to solve a problem of your brand, be it to fix your concept and brand, standardize your means of communication, differentiate your product from competitors. Think first about what problem you want to work on and solve.




The briefing is like an interview that will address your entire institution or your name (as a teacher in the ODL market). A well-crafted briefing that tackles well the topics of your business will make the end result very good.


Search: Look for different fonts, colors and shapes as well as their usability, try to create a coherent combination that sets your brand in front of your competitors.


Brainstorm: Now with the briefing ready, it's time to think and have ideas, write down your ideas and think of different angles as you solve this problem. Brainstorm is exactly for this, it's time to throw your ideas to the air and discuss them.


Organize your ideas: Not all brainstorm ideas will be used, now is the time to choose the best and most viable ideas that can be applied to your visual identity.


Remember, you can make different models if in doubt and test these models to see which one will work best with your brand. We reinforce that the creation of a visual identity is not a set of rules that must be followed strictly, but a creative process to incorporate its brand and solve a situation through it.



You are able to create something bigger: Never treat the visual identity only as a logo or various form and text, create it so that whoever sees it assimilates directly to you and the high quality of your product.


Standardize your tools: Not only your business cards and website, but also your emails, documents, contracts can also follow this pattern. In addition to increasing your space, it will bring to your client a much greater seriousness and credibility for your ODL courses.


Having everything defined and produced, it's time to apply your visual identity to all your tools. We know that to do this in the vast majority will be simple to implement, and in others perhaps not so much.


Thinking about this at the point of your brand and your visual identity we propose to help with your ODL platform so that you can enter your visual identity in the area where your student will take their courses, the NoChalks Platform is totally customizable.


With this, all the work you had to create your visual identity can be applied also in your Distance Learning Platform, from its colors as images and soon in all areas, in the area of courses, classes, administrative.


It is very important for your institution to have this freedom, because as said before, your student should feel that at no time did you leave your platforms, so be more secure and faithful to your business.


Think very well on this point and see that it is better a tool that gives you this freedom than another that prevents you from working your name, after all, you are working hard and hitting every detail to have the best possible result, right?


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