How to protect your learning platform and members area against threats from browsers

How to protect your learning platform and members area against threats from browsers


when the browser itself becomes a threat to its content, what to do?



Well, now we'll talk about a little more complex threat, but one of the most dangerous. When the browser itself is used to steal a restricted content, either on your website or your Courses Platform. First let's understand a little more about browsers and because they are a worrying threat.


Browser succinctly is the Web browser. All browsers have the purpose of allowing the user to surf the Internet. They are designed to process information in several languages, is HTML, ASP, PHP, etc.


There are several browsers but the main are Internet Explorer created by Microsoft in 1995, Safari created by Apple in 2003, Firefox created by Mozilla in 2004 and Chrome created in 2008 by Google. Although they have the same purpose, they have different features that can make it slower or agile. All have applications and extensions as downloads Plugin for example that give more specific functions for browsers.


Some of these browsers have the open source code and can therefore be changed by anyone who has knowledge of programming and development. What makes this troubling is that these browsers can be modified to break protections and access information even without authorization and may for example access the Web Classes and Webinars an ODL platform and use this information in their own way, either resells it, take air or make it available for free to anyone.


You can protect against this type of attack, but it is something more complex, but can be done by a good developer. The best way to keep your content secure is to have your education platform fully encrypted Distance. We speak of encryption when the approach protection level download plug-ins, but when an attacker does not use a plug-in, but a browser to access its content is a bit more complex.


Before we go any further let us understand what is encryption. Cryptography is a set of functions and techniques to code and decode a message and thus giving access to only the sender and receiver of information.


In computing it uses the Cryptographic Keys. Cryptographic keys is a set of bits on algorithms that code and decode information. The higher the bit, more secure the information.


Well, now we know what a browser, as they become a threat. But how exactly we can protect ourselves?


The solution is Encrypt exactly all its Platform of members. If criptografarmos only video we can protect ourselves against plug-ins download, but if we do not have this care throughout the ODL platform an attacker can take the information of their courses. It is for this reason that the NoChalks Platform is fully encrypted. Its protection extends from its source, the server, the integrated streaming, the player, to the destination, which in the case is through Moblies devices the path is a little bigger. Thus the NoChalks can say that is the Course Platform safest market. We have all that we can to care for maximum security and credibility to our customer and that it has the guarantee that its content is fully protected.


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13/Jun | by: Marcelo Souza Campos

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