How to protect your ODL platform and members area against sites downloads

How to protect your ODL platform and members area against sites downloads


Did you know that a single site can compromise the entire contents of your platform?



Among a digital age where information is very valuable all kinds of care to protect ends up being little, we must be attentive about the invaders and pirates who use the many more ways to steal that information and provides them. That's why the NoChalks works for both the content of our customers are in maximum security.


There is a simple way that can end up stealing all your content from your learning platform. I'm talking Download sites, these sites are made to be able to download Internet content, whether a song, a video, a game or even a PDF. These sites have a simple operation to get these download content that the only information they need is the URL of that file. A malicious user can easily download all your Web class and Webinar using this type of sites, that is, if your ODL platform does not obtain the necessary security that user could, but if your courses Platform has the modes of protection necessary to prevent this these sites can not act in any way on its contents.


The sites for Downloads are so independent that has no need for a Software Download or Plug-ins or any Browser changes to achieve download content. Accessing only the site and entering the URL it downloads and file delivery this content ready for the user.


The way a site could not download your content is to inhibit the source code of your website or your Teaching Platform Distance. Thus, Download Sites can not identify identify the URL of your Web Aula and Webinar, though but we really Ensure content will not be available, you need to encrypt the tip end all ODL Platform with Integrated Streaming. Thus even if the site can identify the URL of the content will be blocked to access it and so can not download content from your Online Platform.


It is for the safety of our customer that NoChalks works to have the ODL platform safest market. The NoChalks Platform has an internal server that makes it inaccessible source code without permission and also possess an integrated streaming, which besides being more economical for our customers since they do not need to acquire other companies streaming to host their courses. We can ensure that it is fully encrypted managing to prevent any website or Plug-in Download and even downloads software to act within their content and download them. The NoChalks besides being the best choice when it comes to security is also the best option in economy.


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15/Jun | by: Marcelo Souza Campos

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