How to protect your online course of piracy through screencast

How to protect your online course of piracy through screencast


Protect your content against recordings by screencast can be difficult, but not impossible



Protect content within the Internet universe has been increasingly difficult and the appearances of new ways to piracy practice is increasingly concerned to entrepreneurs who have a ODL platform. A medium that has been used for the practice of digital piracy is the capture of content through screencast. Let us understand a little more about this practice in this post.


The screencast is a screen shot of a computer or device in the form of videos through some software. This practice can be used in a very productive manner such as to create video practical lessons on a tool or program, but it can be used for piracy.


A user with access to your courses platform to access any Web class and Webinar can usually watch with some screencast program triggered and so it will have another file with the rendered content. In this case it does not need to download and install any plug-in Download or use the Browser itself to be able to do this capture. This user with the available material can make available the contents of the way he wants, is selling at a price below the amount proposed by the institution or the freely available on websites and blogs.


In the post on Security to Login level we talk about a very common practice for providing the content that is the apportionment contests. The screencast is one of the ways in which you use to provide the material for those who participated in the course apportionment along with it, thus giving access to material that is not authorized to participate by the Platform member.


The great problem is that there isn't still enough technology to prevent the user from capturing your Online Training and make available, for the screencast software function independently and do not need any plug-in download, or Browser and even access the internet to function.


Really so far we can say that you can’t prevent a user from copying the content of an Online Courses Platform, but there are ways for the offending user to be identified and thus the institution that holds the copyright to the content take appropriate action when the crime of piracy.


It may seem simple to do this, but it is not ...


Many companies and applications promise to be security which unfortunately does not occur. The way used to try to protect the contents works as follows. When a user login in OLD Platform even create a session with the system through this session creates a div in text form in the video with some user information, whether the CPF, ID, e-mail, name, finally some information that the institution to identify it. The problem of using this method is that it is easily broken. The div when it is not edited correctly, the user need only move your browser to the div start to appear in other video points to leave the play area, so the user can record content without being identified.


Another way to achieve break the div to be able to record content without being identified is a little more complex, but anyone can do it. When you access the Web class or Webinar with a div ID the same can press the F10 button on your browser and will appear in the corner of her source code of that page with the div ID. In it the user has the option to "hide" and even delete this data leaving you free to record the contents of its Online Platform without the possibility of identification.


At this point you must be thinking that it is impossible to protect the screencast and can’t or at least identify the offender, is not it? It is indeed possible and NoChalks got the solution.


To achieve a truly effective protection and identify the offending user is more complex and thorough. The Nochalks Platform integrates this text box with the user ID directly on the player's course. While the user is watching the content Streaming Integrated, some user identification information will appear in various parts of the player and so quickly that it is imperceptible to the human eye. When content is leaked and available on unauthorized sites, the institution can take this file and watch it in slow motion, so when you see the user information the institution can pause and easily identify the perpetrator and take the necessary steps . As this tool is produced by the development team NoChalks and it works directly on the ODL platform and without the need to integrate a div, we can say that it is not possible to break is protecting your courses Platform leaving it extremely safe.


Our team advises the institution that uses the Platform NoChalks to inform their students upon purchase of the course that it has security and identification means in contents leak cases and so saying to his client any data within the Online Platform is with all the security offered by NoChalks, ODL platform safer world.


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