Native applications for distance learning platforms and area members

Native applications for distance learning platforms and area members


Comfort, Practicality and Safety understand why having a native application for your platform is the best choice for your business.


Having a native application for your learning platform is a way to keep your content safe, but has no way to talk about this subject without mentioning other great benefits that this application can bring to your institution and its students.


First let us know what exactly are native applications...


Native applications are applications developed for specific platforms. Thus he is able to interact directly with the device, accessing your GPS, camera and other features. These applications can have an online or offline operation, it already depends on its purpose.


Now that we know what they are native applications let's imagine the following situation. You're in the comfort of your home and want to access the courses platform to watch the class and Webinars or some lecture and want to watch it in the most deprived can and want to watch it directly from your smart TV, but we know it's complicated and time consuming to access web pages on TV. Now imagine if there was an application of his teaching platform for its Smart TV that with a few clicks of control you'd be watching your course on the couch in your home. It really would be a really comfortable experience is not it?


Now let's imagine another situation. You are going to or returning from work or school bus and want to access through your smartphone your Member Platform to watch your course. Think how much would be practical you have to simply access an application and will be there your Online Training. And better yet, all Web courses and Webinars are multi bitrate, that is, the video adapts according to the quality of your internet. No doubt you that way could make the most of all your Online Courses Platform.


Okay, I said that having a native application would bring more comfort and practicality, but and security?


Over the previous posts we talked about the various security modes:


- Security against Login Share


- Security against file sharing with screencast


- Safety against downloads with Download Plugins


- Content protection against threats from Browsers


- Protection from piracy with Download Sites


- protection for EAD platform against software download


But in a digital age that are switching to Mobile we have a fully attention on this medium. mobile devices have a different configuration of computers but have different ways to hack, break sessions, encryption and downloads and a content of a Teaching Platform Distance is really safe and that all protection modes mentioned above run smoothly, the best way to achieve this is by creating a native application for its Online Platform.


So we concluded that having an application for your ODL platform behind not only the desired security by the institution, as behind every comfort and practicality for their students.


We will work your imagination again and try to remember all teaching platforms you have accessed or searched, make a filter and think how many of them have a Native Application for smartphones and Smart TV's, really are very few right?


Now think of your negotiation with your client and think how much it can add him how  and much this can be a decisive factor at the time of purchase? You as well as be able to provide quality content to your customer, you can also offer much more than that.


Now you know how it is advantageous to have an Application for your courses and must be wondering that should cost you a fortune to create one, but we have a solution for that too.


By acquiring NoChalks Platform 2.0 besides having a tool with a high level of security, you also get an application for smartphones and smart TV will make the experience of your student to attend its much more comfortable and practical content. Best of all is you do not pay absolutely nothing for it. The NoChalks really cares about the success of your business and beyond to offer you the ODL platform safest market, also brings several advantages for you are our customer.


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20/Jun | by: Marcelo Souza Campos

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