ODL platform with lesson viewing control

ODL platform with lesson viewing control


We need to be aware of any possibility of piracy, so controlling the limit of views of your classes can be a very strong weapon for your protection...



Thinking about the security of a content is thinking about the possibilities that an infringing user will use to attack your content. Nowadays with the facilities of the internet, new means of corrupting private contents are created and bringing problems to the entrepreneurs.


In digital stores and free e-commerce, it is increasingly common to see courses recorded or downloaded being sold at values far below the original and the worst, by people who did not create this content. This does not only interfere with the entrepreneur's copyrights, it also hurts their billing.


Another factor that is very common is the famous login sharing. In one of our articles we talk about a very serious problem that educational institutions, especially those working with courses for public tenders is the apportionment.


ODL platform with lesson viewing control


Recapping, public tenders apportionment is when a group of people, buy a course together and divide the login between them. When the course is released, this group does a login share where everyone would have access to the content and thus your institution ends up losing sales.


ODL platform with lesson viewing control


As stated in previous articles, the NoChalks course platform is designed to be the safest course platform on the market. NoChalks works so we can avoid piracy of our clients' courses as much as possible.


Against downloads, we developed various security methods, we have made NoChalks to protect against Downloads plug-ins, harmful software that download online content and browsers developed to attack info-products.


In addition to having a defense against other recording media such as the Screencast (screen capture) and the login sharing too. The NoChalks platform was able to have a very complete and efficient protection system.


But if someone hires a course, complete it and pass your own login to some friend within the deadline that your course is open? This is very common, and may end up disrupting your billing.


Think about it, if you have a course for pre-college or some course that the knowledge passed on it (whether with certificate or not) is of total market interest, someone accessing this content without paying for it would be very unfair to your company, not really?


A login sharing system can prevent the same student from having two simultaneous accesses to his platform, or by the demographic tracking system, that he / she accesses in Belo Horizonte - MG and 15 minutes after that access in São Paulo - SP.


But if this student consumes his content, soon after still within his term, he releases the login to another person who can also access and thus consume his content without having paid for the course, what to do?


It may seem small, but if we think on a high scale, it would become a major problem for your institution. This situation is not possible for a teaching institution to be able to prevent, but the company supplying its course platform can!


This problem has been frequent and it was necessary to create a way to protect ourselves against this form of piracy. But the question is, how could we control access to your students’ logins?


Well, you do not necessarily have to control your student's access, to get protection against it you have to do another job. In addition to controlling login access, you can also control the number of video views for that student.


ODL platform with lesson viewing control


But how to do this? For this it is necessary that the Distance Learning Platform has a resource that allows the administrator user to control the student's visualizations. This allows the administrator to limit the number of views per lesson. This feature was developed by NoChalks.


For example, let's assume that you, as the administrator of the ODL platform, have imposed that a given class may have up to five views. Your student will be able to attend the same class five times, when the same tries the sixth time, the same will be prevented from accessing the content.


ODL platform with lesson viewing control


For your student, you will always have information on how many views are left in each web-class. When the student reaches the limit, will be informed to him and if the student wishes to see the video more often, he / she must contact the institution with this request.


For the administrator of the course platform, each student will also see the amount of visualizations he has already obtained, so that he can also control these visualizations and change the limit numbers whenever necessary.


To enable this security tool in the course platform NoChalks, it is very simple, just at the time of creating the lesson the administrator accesses the field of "views" and set the amount of views.


In this way, your institution will be able to control login access, access sharing and viewing quantity, as well as download protection. This will be another great aid to combat piracy and control of its course platform.


Within the most diversified capabilities that NoChalks has for your institution and your student to have an incredible access experience, it is more than evident also that we are a company that we care about the integrity of its content, thus making NoChalks the learning platform Safest on the market!


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