Protect your learning platform and members area against software downloads

Protect your learning platform and members area against software downloads


And when there are several types of software that can compromise your content? do you not know what to do against it? Calm! We teach how to do.


Software in a technical language is a set of instructions written to be interpreted by the computer to perform a specific task. There are three types of software:


- System Software: It comprises the operating system and establishing controls the basic functions of a computer.


- Programming Software: It is a set of tools that allows the programmer to develop systems and applications through programming languages interrelate with a visual interface.


- Application Software: Are applications that can be installed on a computer to perform a certain task.


Developers around the world design various software to perform the simplest functions to the most complex. Whether to help your business in the financial, production, are to create editions and image manipulation, finally, there are plenty of software that make the most diverse functions.


Unfortunately there are people who create software to act in a harmful way. A clear example is the Download Software. Which is an application software whose purpose is to download your internet content. If content is released for download, there is the slightest problem, but imagine the contents of your learning platform? You create a Security to Login level and how content is sold I assume that you do not want people to download this content and make them available on the Internet in other ways.


The Download software are so well designed that it besides you deliver a file from the internet, it give you options on which the quality of the file you want to download, which format and even if you just want the audio or video the same can extract for you. download software works in much the same way as a plug-in download or Browser modified for this purpose. So you can download a file it needs an information of that content. The most common is the URL of the video that is more than enough for these downloads Software download the contents of a learning platform or any site.


When we talk about content security against screencast talk about Div and that it can be identified when you press F10 in the browser. Well, even if your link is protected, the video URL can be identified easily with the same command, just press F10 and place the mouse over the video and the URL will be there explicitly. The user simply copy and paste it into one of those software that the video will be there ready for him.


The NoChalks Platform 2.0 is prepared to act against any kind of download, either by browser plug-ins or downloads as we talked about earlier and also against software. We were able to inhibit all the source code of its content and thus making it inaccessible to any user and encrypt the whole education platform so that even if intrusion attempts will be blocked and keeping your content in extreme security.


We must remain ever vigilant against any violation regarding the content of our customers and why NoChalks developed his thinking platform in every detail so that in addition is easy to use both for the institution and for its students with a dynamic interface, also we think about the safety of its contents, making NoChalks 2.0, the ODL Platform safest market.


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17/Jun | by: Marcelo Souza Campos

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