Protection platform courses and members area to download plugins

Protection platform courses and members area to download plugins


Have you ever stopped to think that a simple extension of a browser can compromise your entire Online Course?


Browsers can operate normally without any configuration or extension of the same to be done, but when we want a function more specific such as reading documents made in Word or Excel directly from the browser or translate pages that do not have the option to other languages is necessary plug-ins so that we can join these functions.


But some of these plugins can be used in a harmful way may compromise the authenticity of various online content. It may not seem something worrying, but let's think a little...


Imagine your ODL platform, it offers you all the Online Training, Courses and web classes. You better than anyone know to create such classes not only spends money as well as time and studies for the preparation of a high quality content. Once this is done you provide this material with commercial practice, it is a product like any other and to enjoy them, you charge a value for them. It really is a lot of work to do that, right? Now let's imagine that a user put on your browser a plug-in download and download your content and it does not cost any for him and begin to make it available for free or sell it at a much lower price than you charge for this.


It really is something very worrying you must be thinking now ...


It is precisely these downloads plugins care institutions and is one of the ways in which violators users practice piracy courses and Webinars. A Courses Platform without the necessary care in these questions is a target for this infraction. The NoChalks knows how serious this oversight have and how much is harmful to our customer, with this in mind the Member Platform safest market has created a protection against these plug-ins. The NoChalks Platform is fully encrypted end to end thereby achieving block any Download plug-in and keep all your content in total safety. With these and other resources we guarantee that your content will have all the necessary protection from being pirated.


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10/Jun | by: Marcelo Souza Campos

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