Security level login to learning platform and platform

Security level login to learning platform and platform


You think it's impossible to protect its contents against sharing Login? Fortunately we have the answer!


Create a login to authorize who has access to your content is not enough to keep her safe distance education platform. If this login is shared, several people can access the content through the same account, well, it seems impossible to prevent this from happening, is not it?


The Nochalks platform you have the option to block user access to two different computers on the same day. When you access your account, the courses Platform can identify the computer's IP is that it has access. If this login is accessed by another computer on the same day, the system will verify that the IP is different from the first access, and the second acess is blocked by keeping your class and Webinars in live shares and this user will only be released to access again the next day.


Another problem that OLD companies currently pass is the apportionment contests. There are several methods it this be done, the most common are:


In all three cases cited is effected the purchase of the course usually by a user, in download files and screen capture by Screencast sharing mode is basically the same, well, there will be a post later explaining how detail work these means and how protect yourself against them.


Sharing login, as the name implies, the files are not downloaded and keeps its ODL platform normally. The most common practice, the user makes the purchase and divides the value with others, to have access to the login and password the same share this data giving access so for those who participated in the apportionment and all have access to all the course material.


As previously mentioned, the NoChalks Platform can identify which IP of the machine that is accessing the content. When enabled, this tool you can block access to more than one IP that day, but not only that, you can create an analysis that can identify whether the user has a great rotation IP and make sure your access is taking place in different regions the country and confirming the dubious accesses blocking user access until it is clear the situation. Thus, only one user can access the daily content and because of this difficulty, it will be possible for any user to purchase the course and have their own access account.


If you are interested, the ODL Platform has the option to enable one second Login. When purchasing a course, you can enable a secondary e-mail to access the courses Platform. So this user will have access normally without it being blocked. This qualification is already their business criteria, so you can assign this access as a bonus, or even use it as a commercial practice and trading and thus have more commercial strategy as Upsell for example.


We know that this does not completely prevent the user to share your login and thus gives access to its contents to others, but certainly this practice will hinder your share and will also facilitate the identification of offenders users, another way so that NoChalks used to protect the content of our customers and to say it is the world's most secure ODL platform.


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06/Jun | by: Marcelo Souza Campos

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