How to choose the right place to record my Online class?

How to choose the right place to record my Online class?


Defining the location of your online course recording is crucial for you and your student, but a few points should be taken into account for this...



Before even recording any content, be it a course, interactive videos or vlogs, one of the first things that has to be defined is the location of the recording. Just choose the place and finished, finished the article. Joking aside, we know that it is not that simple and you need to check several factors to define the location of the recording.


Mainly for classes and online courses the last thing a professional wants this type of content is something that interferes with or divert attention from his student during class. We know that many times, we can’t avoid this inconvenience, but there are several factors we can avoid.


But where does the selection of places for my recording come in? Well, we can say that in almost everything. Selecting the location of the recording can be a turning point for the final quality of your course.


Regardless of where you will be recording your content, some factors should be checked in the standard way for the quality of your course, as well as video quality, editing, lighting, etc., the venue should also be carefully chosen, see a few factors that should be analyzed:


Ambient sound: The higher the ambient sound in your class, the better it will be for your student, of course we must take into consideration that in some cases the ambient sound is part of learning, but for the most part this is not cool.


Not only external sounds, but internal sounds should also be analyzed. If you have good sound equipment, this factor may not seem like a hassle, but remember, the less post-production the less the content finishing job will be.


How to choose the right place to record my Online class?


Movements: In external environments, it is difficult to control this, but internal you will have more control of this factor. I am not talking about movements of those who are masters, but basically (people, cars, animals, etc) that are deemed unnecessary by you.


The reason for this is to prevent something from interfering in the attention of your student, but this can disrupt and much in the passage of its content.


Unusable objects: In the place of your recording, it should be as clean as possible, I mean, leave the recording show only the objects that will be useful during the recording. The cleaner environment focuses more on the teacher and his speeches, making the course less distracting and more attractive (own experience).


Lighting (in cases of external environments): Lighting is crucial for recording a video, whatever the subject, in external environments cases a great difficulty is with lighting if the lighting of the place is bad the quality of the video Will also fall unless it is possible to use artificial lighting.


SUPER IMPORTANT TIP: Avoid external (or even internal) recordings in environments with idle lighting, such as many light passes for example, this can cause huge problems in the final work of your content, when recording in open sky areas, give preference For days of clear sky and in periods when the light of the sun is very clear.


How to choose the right place to record my Online class?


If you are aware of these factors, you can be sure that you will save a lot of work and be able to pass your content more clearly and objectively. Now you can define the environment in which your course will be recorded.


We will divide the recording locations into two groups (external and internal), so that we can better understand each of these types of environments and analyze which one or which will be best for recording your class.


External environments:


We can consider the external environments as outside the classroom, usually open-air places or inside companies.


The most common use of these environments is to demonstrate in a practical way the application of the course, such as works from a building to building courses, or within companies such as an automotive assembly line for industrial courses.


In the great majority, the teacher appears few times physically, having thus, his narrative explanatory of what happens in video.


This type of content, especially for online courses can be a very efficient alternative for approaching the theory and practice of a subject.


Generally when doing this type of recording with video and narration it is advised to take all the audio from the video and separately include the audio of the narration so that there is no noise and the teacher's speech is clear.


The other way with the teacher appearing in the video in the external environment, it is very important to have adequate audio equipment, such as directed microphones (lapels are excellent equipment for this type of recording, in addition to being discreet) and thus maintain the teacher's speech.


How to choose the right place to record my Online class?


In these cases it is always good to check the lighting of the place so that the video is not made in low quality.


Internal environments:


Internal environments are the most appropriate places for recording courses. The great advantage of internal environments is that you have the option of controlling spot light, movement and much of the sound. But in every way is advised to be very cautious for its production.


The two most common places to do this kind of content are in classrooms or in recording studios. In classrooms, it has the advantages of having a pre-made location, not having to work with Chroma key and the like is a great advantage, but in controversy, a recording studio is the most suitable place to record a video.


How to choose the right place to record my Online class?


Already in a studio the biggest advantage is that it is fully assembled for this purpose, that is, you have full control of lighting, audio and background (Chroma key) of the video, and in addition, can interact virtually the environment with class , Making the student experience even better.


The disadvantage of the studio is that not all institutions have one, and to rent or set up a studio, is a very high value. But if it is possible for the company, it is the most advised.


Defining the location of your course recording, it's up to you to take care of the other factors and work to get your content to your ODL Platform with a lot of quality to get the best of your student.


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