What do I need to record an Online Course?

What do I need to record an Online Course?


Knowing what equipment is needed and what it takes to record an Online Course interfere directly in the final product, it is good to know every detail.



Often, a great difficulty that entrepreneurs the world has difficulty producing their content and their distance education courses is the technical issue of production, more popular so we say it is the "put your hands-on mass"


What camera to use? What equipment do I need? Editing this file? This area is very complicated because there are several details that make all the difference at the end of its course, not only in this article, as we will do a series of articles just for this, take all possible doubts about the technical part.


In past articles we talked about How to undertake the ODL market in five simple steps where we talk from planning to the sale of a course. If you follow our articles saw that talked a lot of shopping area, now let's talk about the technical side and what you need to produce good content.


When you planned your course decided how it will be done, right? If you live will be recorded, I will support files, finally, how will be passed to your student content. Setting this is quite important when it comes to produce, because the specifications are quite different.


Where the course will be recorded:


To record a course, the first thing to be defined is the place of the recording, will be in a classroom? Within a studio or elsewhere? If inside a studio will likely be used Chroma-key to create the scenario, as elsewhere will be use other methods.


To set the location is of utmost importance to ensure environmental noise and noise, the sound system must be as clean as possible so as not to cause discomfort and not divert attention from their students.


Another factor that must be analyzed for the ambient, especially when it is not recording in the studio is a visual field on the recording location is important to ensure that have just what is required for recording the course, the cleaner, or is less unnecessary materials and furniture to class, the better.


What do I need to record an Online Course?


Sound capture:


During the video recording, we must also think about how we record the audio. One option you have is to use the camera's audio itself, but in this case the camera can capture the environmental audio, noise and depending on where even the street and this will disrupt the quality of the audio.


The ideal is to just capture the sound of the instructor, for this is necessary to record the sound from other equipment, in this case can be a lapel or some own equipment for audio capture preferably with directional microphone, this way you will be able to avoid the maximum of possible noise.


Even in the studio, it is important to eliminate the maximum possible noises and sounds during recording, also preventing the passage of people who are not in the recording process.


If your preference, another option is to rent sound equipment to capture audio, rent this type of equipment is not very high, but in this case it is interesting to record the maximum possible content and thus save on these devices as well.


What do I need to record an Online Course?




Perhaps one of the most difficult part to reach adequate lighting for recording, as there are several factors that can interfere in this case and even cause problems during recording.


If the light is too strong, the video will be very clear and disturbing the view. If the light is very weak, the image will be dark and also disturb the quality of your video as well. If you use manual cameras, in this case you can adjust the same according to the environment, but this is a topic for another article (laughs).


The third factor is that can disrupt the variation of light color as both the degree of illumination. Color, speak in using white and yellow lights for instance, generate contrast and in case you are using chrome-key can disrupt at the time of issue. The variation is the light does not get fixed, that is, time becomes clearer and time gets darker.


To illuminate well your video, use white fluorescent lamps in spotlights and try recording preferably only with artificial light, so that you also have control of your range and have no problems with that.


What do I need to record an Online Course?




The cameras vary depending on how it is the transmission of the class, whether it is live or is recorded. This because the various cameras have different settings and some functions may not meet the need in specific.


Ideally any such recording is the camera to record full HD up to 24fps, or 1080p and 24 fps. It is also preferred that you can control your compensation manually as ISO, exposure time and diaphragm as DSLRs for example.


But the DSLR are complicated for live broadcasts, and must capture cards, cutting table and this can generate a value quite something, but for On-demand recordings are essential for this job.


A basic kit for DSLR cameras is a much more affordable price than a few years ago and is in fact an investment that will give you a good return.


Now, if your recordings are live, you have the option to purchase professional cameras for this job or you can also use Webcams Full HD to make the recordings. The great advantage of using webcams is that besides the economic worth of cameras, you save on the cutting table, since you can use virtual programs for this and connect Webcams on your computer.


What do I need to record an Online Course?


Programs for editing or transmission:


Set whether to live or not there is also interference in this part, the programs that will be used to edit or transfer content.


In recorded contents that have gone through editing processes, the most recommended software is Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. The difficulty is that these programs are paid software, but are very complete and can meet any demand.


Free editing options can also be the Movie Maker, which is not a complete software and HandBrake that he can meet you in quick, simple edits to your videos, and you can convert them without any problem.


In his live broadcasts, the best software for this work is the Vmix, which is a digital cutting table, or you can use as many cameras as you like and switch among them during transmission, and be able to put the purpose of transmission.


This software besides being excellent, is now free for medium and low quality transmissions at up to 720p for high quality transmissions you need to buy the license.


What do I need to record an Online Course?


Basically the technical part of a recording you have to think these resources. If you are just starting to work with this area now, it's good to make an action plan putting all the steps and necessary equipment.


The equipment can be rented, but I think the ideal is to purchase them, it will be materials that you will always be using and will be an investment well made by you and your company.


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