Which cameras can I record my web-classes?

Which cameras can I record my web-classes?


Quality content starts their care in their production. So we must know how to choose well our equipment.



In this series of articles where we will talk about techniques and equipment issues. In the first article we talked in general about what is required to write an online course, but did not go into detail on each of the topics presented.


Now let's talk about cameras, which should be placed on view in a camera to record your video lessons and which cameras will be able to meet their work.


The first factor that should be put in evidence a camera is your bitrate, ideal to record a video today is 1080p, that is Full HD and 24fps frame hate. This setting is ideal for your content has a high quality image.


There are endless brands and cameras that have equipment in various prisoners and quality equipment, but each with different technical specifications and that can bring benefits to your content.


Before you decide which camera should be used, we must first decide what type of transmission is made, whether it Live or on demand, as there are cameras that can’t make a recording Live.


Which cameras can I record my web-classes?


On demand:


DSLR cameras are excellent to On demand video recordings, the main feature of these cameras is that its settings can be placed completely in manual mode, this way you can better tailor your equipment according to the environment.


These cameras as well as give you the freedom to set the recording quality, they give you freedom ISO setting, diaphragm and exposure time and depending on the lens you use, you can set the focus is automatic or not.


Before talking about, let's understand a little more about these settings:


ISO: Is the sensitivity of the camera sensor to receive light, the higher the ISO, the more sensitive the sensor, so he can capture more light.


The ISO is generally used for light compensation, when the site of the shooting has dim lighting, we can increase the ISO to get a clearer picture. Be careful, because of the very high ISO will granular your image making has the same noise and getting a lower quality.


Diaphragm: The diaphragm is the opening of your lens (f / 1.4, f / 1.8, f / 2.8, f / 3.5, f / 4.0, f / 5.6 ... f / 22). The smaller the number of opening your lens, the more open it is, that is will have a larger space for the entry of light.


Which cameras can I record my web-classes?


The diaphragm also has the function to set the focal field, or more technically speaking, the deepening of a photo or video field. Surely you have seen a photo or video in which the main element is 100% clear and its background is out of focus, good, in practice it is a field of depth.


The more open your lens is (f / 1.4, f / 1.8) the ability to blur the background is larger, the lens with f / 5.6 aperture on, already have a greater chance of having no blur in your image.


Exposition time: The exposure time is the time in which the light sensor will capture the term "exposition time" refers precisely to this, the time when the sensor is exposed to light.


Its setting is standardized in seconds (s) or a fraction, that is a photo or video that is with the exposure time 1/60 means that the sensor is making the capture by 0.016 seconds on average.


The shorter the exposure time, the less likely the video movements are blurred.


In money, a camera that will help a lot in this work is the Canon T3i is a DSLR affordable value that can be easily found in stores in your own city specialized in photography.


The camera t3i well as other DSLR market usually comes with a basic kit lens, usually 18-55mm. With this lens you can already make a high performance work in broadcasting.


Which cameras can I record my web-classes?


The value of a DSLR camera is from R $ 2,000 reais. But when you're starting to create your Online Courses Platform now, perhaps this figure is still high for an investment.


Another option is the Sony Handycam cameras that are equipment ranging around R $ 1,000.00 and has a very good quality to make your recordings. The downside of these devices access to your manual recording settings are very limited.


Which cameras can I record my web-classes?




The cameras for live transmission are very specific to this type of work. With a DSLR you can also do a live broadcast, but in this case you must use a capture card along with a cutting table and in this case the value would be very high.


If you already work with this type of content longer and has a higher turnover, the ideal is to use professional camcorders, the value of a camera for this type of work can cost from R $ 5,000.00.


Recently we did tests with this type of transmission here in our studios and we can transmit for hours without the slightest problem or fall using full HD Webcams. This equipment can be purchased at computer stores and on the Internet and their values are very reasonable with an average of $ 500.00.


Remember that to make a live stream quality and without falls or problems in transmission requires that your computer has a higher performance and your internet should be of some wired technology, and can’t be wireless.


Which cameras can I record my web-classes?


Ideal for a professional distance learning courses is to have equipment for broadcast, On Demand or Live because whenever you need to have at your disposal. If your course will be live or recorded already varies according to your need.


Use of live webinars and seminars is a great place to spend for your students capture their content and a great opportunity to create a closer relationship with its customers.


We recommend always using the most varied methods of learning for their students and thus provide a higher quality not only in the past content but also the form in which this content will be passed.

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