General reports to learning platform and members area

General reports to learning platform and members area


How to create a market research for your business is crucial to your success, but it can be very labor intensive, so we created a tool in our platform very useful for you!



When we open a company and define the niche of our market, we must also understand exactly who is our client. We need better than anything understand who and what we direct the way we move this product or service to him.


Grows more each day the number of companies that close their doors for lack of a market research. By contrast, companies that make an elaborate market research tend to grow more and gain more space in the market.


General reports to learning platform and members area


To understand better about it, let's imagine the following story.


Maria is a teacher of elementary school, it is the only teacher of the fourth grade of a Private School, which was responsible for injuring all matters.


For the teacher has an easier to pass the content and teaching without taking the focus of his students in class, she decided to split the classes as follows:


Monday: History and geography


Tuesday: Mathematics


Wednesday: Portuguese


Thursday: Science


Friday: Arts


The Teacher Maria along with the direction of the School believes that dividing this way, the classes are more organized, and thus could create a more effective teaching plan and thus could create an analogy better performance of their students in class.


General reports to learning platform and members area


The classroom has 30 students. Giving classes during the first half realized the following information:


- 60% of the room are made up of women;


- The media faults that room is 10% on the basis of the given class;


- If the Academic year had a duration of one semester, 6% of that group would not have the average grade 60% to be able to proceed to the fifth grade;


- 4% of the classroom are with red note in mathematics;


- The highest average grades was the matter of Science, followed by art;


- The worst media grades was in History and Geography;


- Only 30% of the room rate is 100% in class and the average class was 92%


- 90% of the class has the notebook with the full story;


Professor Maria managed to get this data by analyzing the following components:


- total grades obtained by each student in each subject;


- frequency reference;


- Number of "Seen" given in the contract according to the conclusion of each module of the matter


No need to do any complex calculations or create a type of very specific search for the teacher and the school board could get this data. Used only their school control tools.


Based on these data, the school can take the most diverse conclusions about the classroom of Teacher Maria:


- The school should do a review about the teaching of the subjects of history and geography;


- It should be made an analysis with students who failed the mathematics average grade thus improve their performance;


- Check the reasons among students who do not have the full frequency to analyze what are the reasons that led them to miss;


Getting the results of all the research among students, the school will get data to create a new strategy and thus constantly improve their numbers.


The school knows that if not taken necessary measures to solve these problems, may end up having falls in their results and even the loss of students.


General reports to learning platform and members area


In this case cited above, the school basically created a market research, analyzed its customers (students) used or created tools to be able to do analysis and reports and get more accurate information. After the analysis could position themselves better about their weaknesses and threats and develop strategies to overcome these situations.


This research did not help the school in only identify existing problems. The information can be given to circumvent future problems that may not even exist at the moment in the environment.


The information obtained did not make the school had only strategic data, also made the same know your public, knowing your weaknesses and your strengths. He could make out the shortcomings of its public and the school itself, and can work to correct it.


These data appear to simpler,but can bring a multitude of information of the school that if they had not done any research or analysis, would never know.


When we talk about market research, we are not talking about only understand the public or only the company but the relationship between the public and the company. Know who the target public, which media it consumes, what he search, what your need, what your company can offer more, among other information could create an elaborate and direct research.


A common mistake in the research is to compare the numbers of your business with other companies in completely different markets. We must understand that each niche has its public, its consumption, its media, in general, the information differ from one to the other.


We must also understand that a type of approach used in a certain company can be totally different from yours. We will exemplify in a simple way, in search results you can prove that your consumer uses the internet more than TV would be totally wrong to create a marketing campaign for TV, well, your public is not there. The same goes for the development of a research.


The method used in the example of the School can be very effective for the same, but a kind of search for a similar Pet Shop, for example, may not have as comprehensive income and the information would not be as concrete.


Market research should consist of two stages:


Knowing your own company;


Try to create a SWOT matrix of your company, so you would have a very large base about their work.


Analyse look outside the company, and put everything that you think is a strength, weakness, opportunity and threat for your company.


Try to understand your product or service and also understand how your customer uses.


Know and identify your target (public)


General reports to learning platform and members area


- Gender


- Mean age;


- What media types consume (TV, radio, internet, etc.);


- If you use the internet, through which device access and which pages they visit;


- What usually consume in the media;


- What usually seek on the Internet, what they watch on TV and what they hear on the radio;


- average education;


- Social class;


If you need to also create some kind of questionnaire where you will get more information about your client, do not hesitate. make a direct search with your customer and give feedback to it is a plus point for any company.


This data can bring benefits of great importance to your business if used well can leave it as even a reference that follow. Let's look at some important benefits get if we have an efficient and consistent search:


Results analysis: should be the first aspect. It is with the analysis of the results we can analyze our strengths and weaknesses.


Remember the example of the school? If you have a results analysis, as they would know that the highest grade point average among students would be in science and the worst was in geography and history?


Do not just make a flawless research without an analysis of their well detailed results, always remember that.


have reports with graphical representations are very helpful for the analysis of results and understanding of information is best described and presented.


General reports to learning platform and members area


content targeting: Would understand what your public consumes and how it consumes, this way you know how to target your media and how to adapt your product to your customer.


General reports to learning platform and members area


Strategic review: The results of your search may will counteract their market strategy, but this is not a bad thing, because in one way or another you have discovered a problem, thus able to position and create a new strategy to be able to better placement and also around problems that may previously not seem possible for you and your company and even prevent future problems.


General reports to learning platform and members area


Establish relationships and ties with your customers: If you and know your company from your strengths, the weaknesses and can distinguish the qualities and disability of your public, you surely be able to create a healthier relationship with your client thereby achieving serve you in the best possible way


General reports to learning platform and members area


A very important observation and a crucial tip for you is always thinking beyond. The results of your search can say much more than that is written in it, and so you and your company will create ever more creative strategies to grow increasingly.


Now go straight to our market, distance teaching.


Your ODL platform has a student base. These students consume their courses in many different ways, either by computers and laptops, mobile devices or smart TV. Each has their preference for various reasons, is practicality, convenience or any other factor.


You have a report of these data certainly would be helpful to your institution, all quoted above can be used by you in your education platform.


These reports can be accessed by you or any user of your Administrator NoChalks Platform 2.0.


now we understand about each of these reports. The reports page is always the first to appear when an administrator makes access to Members platform, but can also be accessed by the left part of the menu of your interface in the "Statistics"


Report by Browser:


General reports to learning platform and members area


This report is given by a pie chart in which the institution can verify the exact percentage, access in their courses platform across browsers.


We know that the most common browsers are Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla and Chrome. But as there is a wide variety of browsers, there is an area in which the graph also indicates the unknown browsers.


In addition to representing browsers, the graph also represents the version of the browser where users are browsing.


You can also opt for a more detailed view of each browser, so the institution can deepen further the consumption of their courses in its Online Platform.


The general graphical browsers will always be the first to appear, but in the upper right area of the interface is a field where so-called "Filter by browser." By clicking on it, the browser will appear used and so the administrator can filter your analysis.


This graph shows the data for access to its NoChalks platform since the beginning of the accesses to the present day.


Reports by Operating System:


This report is represented by line charts, which shows which operating system the students are accessing the Teaching Platform.


This report can be filtered by date the use of students. In this case the graphs showed increasing and access falls on each operating system.


The most common operating systems are: Windows, Linux, iOS (iPhone), Android and OS X (Macbook).


The administrator has the freedom of choice of the period can remain up to date on access to NoChalks platform and create monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annual or general, this the beginning of its activities.


To access this report, also in the Statistics area of your menu, just below the pie graph. You have a chart and the Operating System tab where the data will appear.


A little above this graph is the Filter field for that period will be where you choose the period of report.


Reports by devices:


In this report we have a database on which devices your students are using to access your Web class and Webinars.


This chart also indicates a line accesses by: Smartphone, Smart TV (LG, Samsung, Sony), tablet, PC (notebook and desktop).


The analysis device is also performed for a period according to his choice. To access this report is exactly the same place Operating System report, however, you must click on the "Devices" tab above the line chart.


General reports to learning platform and members area


Reports Applications:


The applications for report indicates the percentage Administrator using each of the applications.


We were able to measure for a period the use of applications through the device being used. Whether by phone or tablet (Android and iOS) or smart TV (LG, Sony and Samsung) getting the results on the total users in that period.


The graph is displayed by dashes and access equals the other, needing only access the tab "Applications" and set the desired period to have the information.


General reports to learning platform and members area


Knowing well use the data from these graphs you can get various information about it and bring it as a benefit for your institution.


The results of these reports can tell a lot of their customers and provide information crucial to their strategy. In this way we can have obvious information such as which device they consume the courses of their education platform and so you create a campaign for that device or incentive to use the Applications smartphone or smart TV for example.


Another issue that can be raised is the purchasing power of its customers. Well, see, we know that a Macbook or iPhone has a higher value than the other. By raising the reports you can measure that there is great access at ODL platform comes from Apple devices, just understand that this percentage of students have a higher purchasing power.


With this information you can create a marketing strategy to increase consumption of this group of courses for example.


Another example: If the data of your research shows that the highest consumption comes from their courses comes from mobile devices applications. The institution can create classes and facing materials for these applications bringing greater interactivity with your students.


Finally, these data can bring to you and your institution a wide range of information that can be used in your favor to your strategy and marketing. But it can also be used to control data and information.


Your satisfaction and your success is our goal. So we do the NoChalks a complete platform, bringing benefits that can help you in every possible way and be a very versatile tool both for you and for your students.


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