Learning Platform and member area with exercises and activities

Learning Platform and member area with exercises and activities


Challenge your students and test your knowledge it is the key to concretize the quality of its content. Learn how to do this in the most dynamic way possible.



The distance learning platforms are evolving more each day and there is always the emergence of a new tool or new feature. This evolution is just a reflection of what we entitle as the informational revolution.


The virtual world is becoming closer to reality and its increasingly fast access. This phenomenon has become a necessity for Internet users, either for use in leisure, work or education.


Learning Platform and member area with exercises and activities


The market of Distance Education in any area, from vocational education to higher should be used as much as possible of each resource and tool for its teaching methodology.


One way to bring nearest online training with reality is the creation of exercises, activities and assessments within the courses your platform. Thus, in addition to increasing the interactivity of the student with the course, brings very valuable benefits to the institution and to the student.


An evaluation exercise the more embracing and dynamic is, the better for your student and more enriching. Exercise should reflect the quality of its content and approach from the theoretical issues to practical. In this way, your student will travel in all aspects and topics covered in the course of their course.


These exercises can be used as a method of approval or not by your institution depends on its segment and its necessity.


When creating an exercise consider the following factors certainly can bring a result and an even better use for your student and your course:


Show the reality, even in a virtual environment:


Bring reality into your course is an important factor in the whole process, from content creation to evaluation methods.


Bring practical examples in class and put the student on reality and problematization day-to-day of your training will be certainly very enriching.


When creating an exercise use examples and try to situate issues that happen every day, so the student will have to look for a solution of this problem to get the correct answer to your activity and bringing to it the experience of the experience of the performance of this course.


Remember that this factor does not fit in some segments, such as public tenders, but in courses and training of professional activities surely will be of great use by the institution and its customers.


Learning Platform and member area with exercises and activities


Keep your workouts on the present:


Bring current issues and events of the country and the world within their exercises and activities never hurts. Beyond force the student to seek new information and create a sense of research, enriches its content and demonstrates the innovation of their work.


Create exercises in different ways:


It is important you create a variation of your exercises to deepen further the learning of their students.


Create multiple choice questions and open questions where your student will expose your words your point of view and defend it.


The more varied your workouts are, the better their work and performance.


Abuse of creativity:


The more engaged for the exercise, the greater the attention of your students to run it. It is important to the student feel good to solve that exercise and above all, understand that makes it well done, it will be extremely important for your training.


Creativity both on the issue as in their preparation never hurts, create situations and exercise execution modes will make a big difference in your results, you can be sure.


Learning Platform and member area with exercises and activities


In NoChalks courses platform has a fully dedicated area for the administrator to create these exercises in the simplest way possible, giving him complete freedom regarding the raised issues and the mode that you want: text (open), multiple-choice (closed) and Checkbox.


The Company may also create these exercise for class, module or course conclusion, leaving their total choice if an average grade for certification or not your course is needed.


The interesting thing is to use most of this feature, creating exercises classes to work the passed content in the module where the student will show that absorbed at this stage and in conclusion, that we will be able to measure your content absorption.


For the administrator to access the creation exercises it is very simple. By accessing your login area on the left you have the "exercises" in the menu, where it can create exercise in their own way, and there is also a list of exercises ever created, which can be edited or deleted.


Learning Platform and member area with exercises and activities


Create practical and theoretical exercises on what is being discussed will bring great knowledge to his student and will make your ODL platform to be as close to reality as possible.


You can also track the performance of their students and if any students have a poor performance, you can pay more attention to less looking for flaws and thus give more feedback in relation to its content and satisfying your customer.


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