Learning Platform and member area with integrated poll

Learning Platform and member area with integrated poll


You really care about the opinion of your customer? If your answer is yes, you've come to the right place...


A company that wants its growth, aims to quality and the need to help others before any other factor. We got used to say that the company that the due attention of the people living in that environment is to be a humane company.


Focus on quality and satisfaction of both its staff and its customers, creating a respectful and friendly cycle, where everyone has a voice is the great secret that separate companies absolute success.


The customer today, not just want to buy a product or service, pay, use and ready. The customer feels the desire to participate in that, to be part and have your voice heard. We always focus on our customer and thus be able to give him the best of our company.


This ideology is that NoChalks has and that is what we want to pass on to you.


One way to accomplish getting this feedback is through the poll. A poll is a survey regarding a question.


Learning Platform and member area with integrated poll


A poll should bring statistical data through graphs and so your manager can create a report based on these data. It is an tool extremely important for your market research and its marketing, or even to make a simple analysis of your target.


Remember that a poll is not a complete search. The difference between poll and research is in the universe (group of people). Research works with a methodology in which their universe researched very similar to the real universe. Already the poll, has not such a detailed methodology, but both bring real data regarding the subject matter.


But the poll does not cease to be an exceptional tool for your company and in fact is a great ally to prove some kind of data or even extract information.


The poll is also a great ally to a market research, and can be used for the graphic survey of various topics and can create conclusions about the institution.


When a company is an information that 80% of your customers are satisfied with your product or service for example, it creates a poll addressing this topic and puts the answers "Yes or No" and through a group of questioned and answered people, if you have this base.


This value is not accurate, but it is a base for its strategy and content targeting. May be higher or lower.


The poll to give accurate information and useful to the institution must be very well prepared.


Make well-targeted questions:


The questions of a poll should be straightforward and directly address the subject. Create a question where the answer is vague. Consider the same question with different ways to approach writing them then select the most viable.


Do not create an aggressive question, try to leave it as subtle as possible. Who is responding to it should feel comfortable with the question.


Learning Platform and member area with integrated poll


Avoid addressing the personal lives of your public


Questions too enter the personal life of your public can cause discomfort and leaves it afraid to answer your question. Address the issue bringing word of your business and showing that the interest is to collect data.


Propose answers


A question can have several answers and this can make the most difficult calculation work. Try to anticipate the possible answers of your poll and filter them so that will be useful for your company. Create it as if it were multiple choice.


Try the simple answer, easy to understand and interpret. So who will be answering science have your answer.


Learning Platform and member area with integrated poll


Impose a Goal


The poll needs a goal to be done. The survey of these data can be very well used in its commercial strategy, quality control among other reasons.


Ask yourself why you are doing the survey, is to launch a product, introduce something more in a product or to get a feedback for a marketing strategy.


Set a time.


The poll does not need to measure an appropriate percentage of their total public. Set a time when the poll will be exposed is important to get a good result


When creating a poll set how long you want to do it, either for a day or a week, it will according to your need.


Learning Platform and member area with integrated poll


After getting up enough data to your poll is accurate measuring data. This is the hardest part, because it is where it will be obtained the results and study data. A good calculation of the data will provide specific and well defined information.


Make graphics with the poll results


Have the result in the form of graphs facilitates reading. Try to create graphs of different forms, graphic pie, and line graph columns. Thus it is more efficient to present the results in a professional manner.


Make a written report of the process


The report will describe the process from the beginning. Having this document makes the whole process to be more organized.


When you enter report it by placing the need, the chances and what awaits this poll.


Place in detail the procedure, in which media were tied, how it was created and the data collected.


In conclusion, report the poll results, it was confirmed the hypothesis or not and the impact it will have.


Report in which the decision report and what the strategy taken in accordance with the result. Remember, it's poll can be useful in the future, the greater the number of documented data best for your company and its strategic management.


Learning Platform and member area with integrated poll


Create a poll is to report this information is important for any company regardless of its segment. And no one better than their consumer spending for you as it is the experience of using your product or service.


The results can also give you answers if a strategy is really effective for example, or point out a fault to be rectified.


Your client saw that his voice is resulting in improvement of your business is important to him, it makes it feel active and increases the relationship between company and customer.


When the company works with digital content or infoproducts it is more difficult to measure these data because your customers are scattered in various regions of the country. If you do not have a tool that helps the entrepreneur to be able to make this work difficult its strategic management.


The NoChalks prepared in your platform an integrated poll system. This poll can be opened by the administrator at any time and it will be placed along with the class according to your choice.


Learning Platform and member area with integrated poll


The Administrator has full freedom to open and remove the poll, thus being able to control the time in which it will be in the air.


Poll can be used to collect data at any point you want, either in lifting some research, or analysis of past content, so is great for both the administrator and the student.


In order to create a poll the user must be an administrator of Distance Education platform. On the menu bar, accessing "Poll." The user has full freedom to choose the desired question and responses. In closing the poll, the administrator will have a chart with columns measuring the entire result.


Learning Platform and member area with integrated poll


Is poll will be made directly with your students so you can capture information with your customers and can improve every day more performance.


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