Learning Platform and member area with Social Login

Learning Platform and member area with Social Login


Allow register and access your customer with social networking in your content goes much further than you think. Your results may improve radically...



Today, we can perform numerous activities through your computer or smartphone. The main uses are for studies, training, work, and the most used social networks.


Mostly, to get access to these resources is required Login password, to e-mail, learning platforms, social networks, e-commerce sites, are incalculable sites that ask for this login to access your content or make a activity.


Think for a moment how many entries with login and password you have? Surely you thought of many and certainly you can’t remember all. But do not worry, this is common for any frequent user of the internet.


This procedure turns out to be inconvenient for the user, since whenever it was registering at a site having to enter your data as name, address, phone, email, password, and other data. Even making the registration having to remember multiple logins can end up irritating even more the user.


A solution to this problem and the best option that exists to date is the Social Login. Social Login is a way to your user registering on your website using social networking, thus the register much faster and without the need to keep reminding Login and password.


Learning Platform and member area with Social Login


The social login, makes a really big difference regarding the registration and even your user experience when using your site and its services. Here are some data from some searches conducted on this topic:


- 4 out of 5 users said to have informed any incorrect data when registering at any site, be the name, address, phone.


- 92% of users reported that they have already left some site instead of registering


- 52% of surveyed users have signed up for a site to have the option to register with their social networks, and the same percentage said they expect a better experience thanks to easy login.


- 65% of users said they are more likely to return on websites and platforms that have registered with their social credentials.


After seeing this data, we can say with certainty that create the Social Login is not an option, but a necessity. It makes a really resounding difference.


According to a study by Gigya, social media integration company says that users who do social login sail for 66% more pages on the site and spend 56% more time enjoying their content and are five times more likely to make purchases.


The facebook was the first company to create an API integration for Social Login, in 2008 and it revolutionized the registration of the sites content, then other companies like Twitter and Google have also created this feature to access and registration.


We concluded that the social Login not only gives the user access option, it also improves your user experience, increase your browsing time on your content and also increases the possibility of shopping.


The downside is that access becomes more vulnerable, since their access will be basically unified to the same login and password. Has this situation has to be treated with caution your user name, so that your data is not publicly exposed.


Knowing that this factor makes a big difference to your user and their results, why not adopt it in your Distance Education platform? In addition to facilitating the user to access their content, will more and more comfortable experience. Also avoiding loss problems of access data and reducing technical support work.


The NoChalks platform already thought about it for you, and because of these reasons, created for you to access option with social Login. The institution must set up the platform once, very simply and your customers can access it using your Facebook, Twitter or Google +.


Learning Platform and member area with Social Login


All the advantages presented in this article can be used by you and your client. I'm sure with the facilities that NoChalks 2.0 proposes to that institution and the quality of its content, its growth will be increasingly!

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22/Jul | by: Marcelo Souza Campos

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