Learning Platform and member area with Student Progress Monitoring

Learning Platform and member area with Student Progress Monitoring


Track the progress of their students, can bring incredible benefits for you and him, that is your customer and we can help you with this ...



Once, I was doing an online course and during the course due to academic work, I had to leave my training. After two weeks I was no progress had a surprise.


When opening my email, I came across an email from the institution saying that he realized that I am not attending classes and asking for my return to the course. The most interesting is that the email was written exclusively for me, had my name in the title and the text, the training he was referring to, etc.


Honestly, I felt very important to read this email and saw the attention that the company was giving me warning me with this email. It was an amazing and enjoyable experience.


To identify my absence the institution need only create a report with my progress in the classroom, noticing that even after a while, I had not finished my course, saw the need to get in touch with me and work with retention.


The company worked with the retention of his client, trying to make it return to regular activities and thus keep it as a base client. The company certainly has some means to monitor student progress and thus identify their students absent, as was my case, for example.


Learning Platform and member area with Student Progress Monitoring


The companies currently lose many customers not to work with retention strategies. You see, your customer is already using your service, all your data is already allocated on your system and you have the same contacts, why miss it?

The attention given to your customer is very important, even as a post-sale. Monitoring your customer is crucial and a difference you can offer when it comes to service. Besides giving the benefits that its content offers, you will also be giving an amazing experience for your customer.


Retain the customer is important and makes a big difference, but you should be careful with some points and not to rush in trying to do so proceed with you. First of all, you should know very well who your customer is.


Here are some tips that can help you and your institution to make this work:


First, try to find out why your client is leaving your company.


There are plenty of reasons that can cause your client does not consume services provided by you. Whether for financial reasons, quality, service and even for personal reasons. It is up to you to find out the exact reason of your customer.


The best person who will give you the answer is himself, make a contact, either by email or phone will be good for your business and your customer and thus be able to solve this problem.


Be gentle with him, let him speak and express their point of view, know hear it and even if his answer did not please you, thank you for being in contact with your company.


Filter the main reasons for your customers


Over time, you started to have enough data to make an assessment of what are the main reasons of absence and cancellation of their service.


It's good you always filing this information, because this information can help you not only retain the customer and even discover an internal fault of his institution.


Learning Platform and member area with Student Progress Monitoring


Create strategies.


This is the main part of the retaining element. It is time that you look at yourself and think, "What can I offer the most for this customer?".


By knowing the reasons for his client, ask this question to each of these topics. Create workable strategies for your business and that will really make your customer continue to work with you.


Have ready strategies will make this more direct and dynamic work, getting quick solutions to your customer.


Always have a Plan B and maybe a plan C.


When contacting your customer to retain it, has not only a proposal for the same, as it can refuse it and leave it unarmed.


Create more than one proposal and give such advice to the client to continue with you, give him the choice option will let you more comfortable and more likely to remain active.


Learning Platform and member area with Student Progress Monitoring


If all else fails, listen to the proposal of his client.


If after all your efforts and your customer is still tough, ask him what you can do for him and what he proposes to continue his client.


Consider whether it is possible for your institution to do what your customer has and give feedback to it, even if your answer is negative.


Reinforcing, do so only as a last resort, when all that was offered was rejected by his client.


Learning Platform and member area with Student Progress Monitoring


Track the progress of your student is a very important factor in many questions as we can see. Other items that you can work with is the motivation of his client.


If you have a client motivated to continue with you and your company, you will be avoiding all retention work with that client and leaving him increasingly satisfied.


Certainly, work motivation of your customer is much less work than retain it and you can do this with simple actions and almost no cost to your company. Keeping in touch with your customer, congratulate him for having completed another stage, encourages it to continue with the course, for example, are simple ways to demonstrate that you care about its formation and that you are there to help you.


Abuse your creativity and you have the best to offer to your customer and make him want to increasingly use their content and make a follow-up from beginning to end of their progress. Surely you will make all the difference to your customers.


It is very important that we follow up the progress of our students during the course, both for satisfaction and for their retention. But for this, we need an efficient tool that enables us to track the progress of our students.


The NoChalks understand is need and know how important it is for this reason created within its administrative area a progress monitoring of students.


Learning Platform and member area with Student Progress Monitoring


Your student can also check your progress and know in percentage, which has already completed. Thus being able to stand in front of course and proceed in the best possible way for him.


Since the administrator of the Learning Platform NoChalks, can filter this report of all its students. By accessing the Option reports, the course you want to do the analysis and thus be able to have this information of each student can be chosen.


Now it's up to you to decide, you want to spend a unique experience for your customer and have a great advantage when we talk about service, or want to be just a company like any other on the market? Well, if you come to this point of this article, I'm sure you seek evolve and be the best ever, and NoChalks is here to help you in this mission.

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